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► polyXonic (DJ and MC project)

It starts as a DJ’s project of the polyXonic duo – Michael and Jack. Since March, 2010 polyXonic Project includes 3 members: DJs Michael PolyXonic And Bertram PolyXonic & MC BaSSbaraS. Nowdays the polyXonic style specification split into two geners Michael & BaSSbaraS into electro house and Bertam in to the deep house.

► Rezinedce: MOC NOC

Is the polyXonic Club party lectronic, founded 2008 in Pekelnej Bar Prague, afther it expended to th whole Czech Republic.

► Clubs:

Radost FX, Yes Club Prague, Kostel, Kotnov, Óčko, Paradox, Cavalli, Touster, El Magico, Jet Set and many others…

► DJs we played with, for exampel:

Rif Raf, Phuture Traxx, Soul De Marin, Jean Luc, Tomy Largo, Lurob, Chris Sadler, Tráva, Loutka, Pavel Krejdl, DJ Neo, Roman Rai, John Culter, Revis, Vasquez or Subgate