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Little Rock, United States

Progressive House, Trance

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PROGRESSIVE E.D.M. is What’s Up!”

Christopher Polk aka “POLK” first stepped onto the Electronic Dance Music Scene back in the early 90’s, where he was captivated by the person on stage that seemed to be in complete control of the everyone, their mood, and the vibe of the entire place….from that point on POLK knew that was where he wanted to be and what he wanted to do. In late 1999, Christopher had finally gotten enough money together that he picked up a Technic SL1200 MK2 and started buying vinyl. He soon after bought his second Technic and then small scratch mixer and he went to work learning how to mix.

Trance and House Music were POLK’s Genre’s of choice. Christopher would take each and every chance he had to run down to the local record store to see what he could add to his ever-growing vinyl collection and so the adventure began. In early 2001, just as things were progressing Christopher was engaged and married to Courtney Michelle Polk & began a family having two children Alexis Jade and Jordan Jay.

Christopher focused on his family and decided to put his love for E.D.M. and DJ career on hold, but he never stopped taking any chance he got to sneak into the spare room to jump on the decks even if for a moment, working to improve and perfect his mixing skills and abilities. As the years went by Christopher swayed more towards “Progressive” E.D.M., if it builds..POLK liked it! In 2007 when his children had gotten older and an opportunity presented itself, POLK jumped back into the “scene” and played at several local events, after that Christopher knew that it was finally time….time to make his dream a reality, so he played at every event he could and was constantly working to build relationships with local and regional Promoter’s and other DJ’s, opening more and more doors of opportunity and slowly but progressively making a name for himself, becoming one of the leading local DJ’s to call upon for any kind of Progressive “make you wanna dance” beats. POLK has had the pleasure of opening up the dance floor for International Headliner’s such as DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, DJ Micro, DJ Dan, as well as DJ Heavygrinder and several others.

In Early 2011, Christopher decided to take it all to the next level and he started T.W.U. Promotions and Productions, stepping up to the Production plate…with his first E.P. scheduled to be released Summer of 2012 he and T.W.U. are slowly but surely becoming part of the Worldwide E.D.M. Culture and in doing so December of 2012, Christopher Polk was offered a residency at The-Lost-Art (

Christopher graciously accepted the offer and this began the PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTIONS show in which POLK broadcast LIVE ( each and every Sunday Night from 10:00 – 12:00 midnight (Eastern Time), dropping those Hard-Hitting Progressive Trance, House, and/or Break Beats. Christopher strives to do his part to help make the E.D.M. Scene a part of the Mainstream Culture and wants to show the world that E.D.M. has more than good beats and dancing to offer. That it can and will change the world.

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