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Podan The Destroyer

Los Angeles, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno

MuZik rEvolution Tribe
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PODAN the Destroyer began his career after meeting long time musical influence, Omar Santana, in 2004. After this epic experience, PODAN then took to the turntables like a mythological warrior. Beginning with the hardcore, learning to mix vinyl in two short years. From the start, he was a member of his brother’s (Dj Spyder aka RELLIK) production/agency, the MuZik rEvolution Tribe. (Founded in 2004, based in Menasha, Wisconsin) Rocking the underground scene in Wisconsin and a few events as Optimus Prime.

Changing his name to the present name of PODAN the Destroyer beginning in 2006. He then started to create his own style of sound with LonDonamus (life long best friend), they created a funky/break sound with such tracks as “Don’t Take Those Man” and “This Is The Way It Should Sound.” Then, in 2008, creating a hardcore sound for himself with tracks like “Prime Directives” and the newer “Chop Shop.” Late in 2008 combining with his brother, Dj Spyder aka RELLIK, they formed Master Kontrol. A duo to fuse Spyder and PODAN’s styles of muzik together, and to mix live all MuZik rEvolution Tribe tracks at events and mix albums.

PODAN’s latest accomplishment is also shared by the entire MuZik rEvolution Tribe. The M.R.T. provided a stage at the largest party in the Midwest, Stellar Spark 7, having Dj 2H of California headline their stage. Also, headling throughout the party was Benny Bennasi, Q-Bert and Dj Funk. From this day forward, PODAN the Destroyer will only grow in style and skill, looking towards the future with harder beats, future projects and more events.

PODAN would like to thank his friends and the party people that have brought him this far, and the ones in the future!

(This biography provided by: Dj Spyder aka RELLIK – president/CEO MuZik rEvolution Tribe)

Updated: 1/18/10