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Pmx Soundz

Berlin, Germany

Tech House, Techno

Cerrox Records, Code2 Records, freshin
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Producer and french dj expatriated in Berlin, PMX SoundZ has earned oneself these las years a reputation of crowd enflammer in the est of France and at the border of the east Germany, through several years of activism, and of performances in the majors events of his region. Through excessives and technical mixs, he shares with the public some real sound experiences, which transform each event as something unique : his “trademark” which permited him to play with some of the famous international electronic artists.

From now on living in Berlin, he’s developping a deeper approach of the music, through collaboration with some producers and dj from the international and the underground electronic scene.

In his side production, since 2009, he signed 8 labels, which the famous

Stilecht rocken records, Amazone records, Scanders records. He also released his first complete EP, and is already remixed by the famous D’Jamency. In 2011, PMX SoundZ remixes the famous french producer & dj ANTON’X, for his Ep “Flight 888”, a release from Scander records supported by Richie Hawtin, The Advent, Claude Vonstroke !!! His Ep “Jazz Voices”, as for its, is played in the biggest clubs of Berlin, and is compiled on 5 compilation !!!

2012 is also announced as a good year for him, with several Ep in

preparation in Germany and otherbroads.

Labels :


Once Again / Scander Records / Stilecht rocken records / Amazone records / VOCO records /

HATS records / Cerrox records / Electronic Pulse records/ About records



2012 July – SANA SANA – Once Again rec

2012 February – LSD Soldiers reedit – Hats records (Fr.)

2012 January – El Gringo PussyCat (Free download) – Stilecht Rocken Records


2011 December – Flight 888 Ep / ANTON’X (PMX SoundZ rmx) – Scander Records (Fr.)

2011 October – Minimalize Shooters – Hats Records (Fr.)

2011 October – Traurigkeit Remix – Hats Records (Fr.)

2011 March – Jazz Voices – Stilecht Rocken Records (Ger.)

2010 December – Brocéliande Remix – VOCO Records (Eng.)

2010 July – French Mosquito – Amazone Records (Fr.)

2010 March – The Friendship Ghost – Cerrox Records (Ger.)

2010 March – Storm – Cerrox Records (Ger.)

2010 March – The 3rd Chilian – Cerrox Records (Ger.)

2010 April – I am what we Were – Electronic Pulse Records (Ger.)

2010 April – I am what we Were RMX by D’jamency – Electronic pulse records (Ger.)

2009 May – LSD Soldiers – About Records (Ger.)

2009 May – The Technos Echos – About Records (Ger.)

2009 May – Cartels in da Clubs – About Records (Ger.)

Release to come in 2012 :


2012 – SANA SANA – Erase Records (Ger.) incl. Lars Olson remix

2012 – THE B REFLUX – Madd Records including Lizzara remix ( Vynil and digital )

2012 – THE DIRTY DANCE – Madd Records including remix ( Vynil and digital )

Compilations (Just original PMX SoundZ tracks, not remixes):


2012 January – Bavaria rec pres. Techhouse Session.

2011 July – Doppelganger pres. Techhouse underground vol 9.

2011 June – Underground identities vol.1



Extrawelt, Oliver Huntemann, Thomas Schumarer, Marco Carola, Monika Kruse,

Karotte, René Bourgeois, Popof, Luke Slater, Sébastien Léger, Martin Books, Jona

(Get Physical), UTO Karem, Thorsten Kanzler, Arnaud Rebotini, KIKO, Woody Mac

Bride (dj ESP from USA), Italo Boys, Marc de Pulse, Romel Yohan (Malaisie),

Anton’X, Fantom (Teknomad, Paris), Docteur Macabre, Jeff Amadeus (Squatrecords,

London, UK), Marco Lenzi (London, UK), Jack de Marseille (Fr), Citizen Kain,

Phuture Traxx, MARC DE PULSE, JULES & MOSS, Oxytek, Audiotraffic (DE), Miss Torn

(Criminal Beat Cartel), Divinity (CH), Gotek (Fr) , Yvan Genkins (CH), Prozac

303, Axel Karakasis (Grece), Patrick Kunkel (Cocoon), …



Tresor Club (Berlin), Morlox Club (Berlin), VEB Club (Berlin), MKIII (Berlin),

TERRA Bar (Berlin), Altergutenbanhof (Freiburg / Ger), Thor3 club (Düsseldorf / Ger.), 18 months (Freiburg / Ger), Drifter club (Freiburg / Ger), Harmonie

Gewölbekeller ( Freiburg / Ger.), Small World Club (Lahr / Ger.), Universal Dog

(Lahr / Ger.), Open (Strasbourg / Fr), Dakar Club ( Ger.), Parkhaus Kenzingen

(Ger), VORTEX Club, Laiterie (Strasbourg / Fr), L’INTERFACE CLUB (Lyon / Fr),

Flash bar (Dijon / Fr), Le Mixité (Troyes / Fr), Salle de concert des TANZMATTEN

(Sélestat / Fr), Salle de concert de la Poudrière (Belfort / Fr), Studio Saglio

(Strasbourg / Fr), La Ferme (Colmar), Noumatrouff (Fr), Palais Beaubourg (Fr),

Le Komplex (Fr), LA JAVA (Strasbourg / Fr), L’entrepot (Strasbourg / Fr), Le

Blast (90 / Fr), Embuskade, Remparts de Belfort, Salle des Coffres, Elastic Bar,

Le Fou du Roi, Bazook Kafé, Café des Anges, Madison(68), New Pigeon(68), Poussin

Vert(68), Hypocampe(67), Zanzibar(67), Grillen(68), Café des Arcades(68),

Rapido(68), Silver(68), Café des Ages(67), Elastic Bar(67), Wah-Wah Bar(68),

Lion Rouge(68), New York Café (68), Dolomites(68), Le Fou du Roi(67), frees à

gogo (…)



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