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Zabrze, Poland

Minimal, Techno

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Hi, I’m dj Plus from Poland.

I have been playing since 1995 – in general minimal, tribal, techno and I will be getting more experience so I decide introduce my personality.

I belong to the polish Booking Agency Silence! and to the Strobe Booking Agency in Czech Republic. Generally Silence agency create 4 people like Kurt our promotor and Plus,Pine and R.M. We are friends from a long time and we try to do something what is our passion. Silence is the booking agency which function on our region and not only :) We are active from many years and like a first we organize a parties with a dj from other country. Our site implicate a few elements bound up with music like virtuallabel and “secondhend vinylshop”.

I play often in many polish clubs and open airs like big W-Parade in WrocÃ???aw , I was played on some bigger party in Poland (Tresor 035 with James Ruskin) and abroad too foe example in Slovakia on Boomerang, Citadela in Czech Republic, SushiClub in Germany and many other partyies with the dj’s like James Ruskin (UK), Mark E.G. (UK), Christian Wunsch (ESP), Max Duley (UK), Eric Krakeroy (ESP), Alan Summerville (SCO), Toky (SK), Akin & Glaucoma (Sk). Once I was doing my own productions but I stopped because of I didn’t have so much time. But at present I’m working over my own prouctions for the Virtual Label in my booking agency.

Both in all my life and in music I become flustered about simplicity and void. I like satisfy my needs and I always hurry for something new. I don’t limit oneself so I absorb everything what is good for me, where I get depth, expanse, contrast and this everything what I like in the music.I think that I’m not bad in this what I’m doing . It is possible to download my demo mix from my site where is many other info about me too.