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With more than 300 songs to their credit it took PLAY & WIN just one hit to reach prominence Worldwide. A little lady and some cheeky rhythms: Inna – the lady, HOT – the hit. They are indeed the hottest producers of the moment and the most in-demand.

Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac are the three that scared disco and are setting new rules in the clubbing land. The three university graduates believe that success is team-work laced with good amounts of talent and patience. Rather than taking the conventional way and setting themselves up in Bucharest, PLAY & WIN chose Constanta as their base camp – maybe because it’s sunnier there and the sea has an inspiring effect on them. Before INNA came along PLAY & WIN already enjoyed pan-European success as the co-producers of Akcent’s hit single “Kylie” and they were also hot on the local stage working with and producing for 3 Sud Est, Activ or Morris.

PLAY & WIN are recording artists in their own right, as their first single “In the Summertime” proved so successful that it even got a release in Japan and the follow-up, aptly titled “Slow Motion” never left airplay since its debut in 2009. The boys are now working on their debut album.

So world, meet PLAY & WIN – a simple, ordinary story of three childhood friends ready to move mountains in order to achieve their dreams. Mountains are still there but they surely moved a hell lot of bodies all over the world.