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Biography Pitto

For Pitto, music is all about sharing emotions. Following his intuition

may not have been the easiest, but surely the most rewarding path. After

international clubhits like Sexvibe and Feelin’ he chose to push the envelope and deliver an album transcending your average collection of dancefloor


Pitto never really was one to conform. He always took the freedom to investigate

uncharted roads, developing his own sound and scene along the way. Pitto’s first

releases brought a breath of fresh air to the Dutch techno scene. Both Sexvibe

(2008) and Feelin’ (2009) were embraced by the international community.

Feelin’ stood out in simplicity and originality, making it a massive chart success.

Over the years, Pitto has obtained a loyal following in The Netherlands. Taking

his musical endeavours to the stage and consistently rocking dancefloors with

a solid live show surely helped in the matter; as did his warm personality and

vigorous spirit. Initiatives like Vers Vermaak, Stekkerfest and Moodelevator are

visited and loved by many. His fans supported him in winning the Grand Prize,

one of Holland’s most prestigious music talent awards.

On Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (2011), Pitto displays a

mature and genre-defying sound. Working with a number of different musicians

and vocalists–and even singing on a couple of tracks himself–he has taken a bold

step towards pop music production. All eyes are set on the album tour, which

features different guest appearances and other surprises. Knowing Pitto, it’s

bound to be extraordinary.