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Pit Ahmeti aka DJ Pit moved from Kosovo to Hanover in 1989, where his early musical experiences and influences in the music of the Balkans were rooted in the Oriental atmosphere. It was in Hanover, where he found his interest in electronic music. Events like Hanomag – Cyberhouse parties and DJ names like Westbam, DJ Hell, Sven Väth and Marusha brought him closer to his passion. Pit decided that DJing will be the next big move in his life after watching VIVA’s housewife show with Mate Galic.

It was not long after he bought two Technichs and a mixer and started practising.

Pit first live experience was at a friend’s club where the DJ did not get booked, and he had to play in replace. This experience led him to the idea that he wanted to be a DJ for the rest of his life.

Pit was a regular DJ at parties and visited at least once a month the record store as he tied the first contacts in the scene.

Later Pit became a resident at Tiffany Club 2000, where he took care of the DJ bookings. He was also an integral part of the party scene and played regularly in clubs and events with well-known DJs.

In 2004 Alex Nolte, Nils Ohrmann, Ermir Puka and Pit Ahmeti had the idea of Electro-Alb, a sort of network of DJ’s worldwide, long before Myspace. The limited financial resources and the implementation were the reasons why Electro-Alb was not so successful and had to be closed.

Almost the same persons were the ones that founded the series of events under the name of “Weserkraft”. “Weserkraft” was very successful and threw memorable parties for more than 3 years.

Pit gained experience playing in countries such as Slovakia, Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic and at festivals such as “Stay Human”, “Adriatik Underground” etc always making the crowd dance to his sets.

During this time he also got his hands on the music production, experimenting with several kinds of electronic music such as House, Deep, Tech and Minimal and not forgetting to put his own style, making them more groovy and never boring.

Pit is dedicated to electronic music and produces his own sound in his own music studio. ..