Piper Beatport


Born in 1973 in a little town called La Guaira in Venezuela, country famous for its wonderfull parties and beautyfull women, I started as a Dj at the age of 14 years old being one of the youngest party mixologist of the moment, which allow to work in almost all the minitK’s and Night Clubs of those years, until 2001 when i moved to the states where i locate myself in the better and always Miami city where the party never stop and where people around the world come to party for real the first time, because if you haven’t gone wild in miami, you haven’t partied at all. Miami has been a very warm place to me where i have spinned my tunes for several years, like Klub, Bamboo, LA City, Rumba’s, Congas, Oxigen, Metropolis Downtown, Macondo, Bricks, Templo and more….. to come