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Pink Skull began in the summer of 2004 as a project headed up by Julian Grefe (S PRCSS) with his good friends Ian Kelly (DJ Diabolic) and Justin Geller (JG)… Their previous projects were so numerous and profound that they defy a mere casual touching upon, but just to give you a taste:

The transmegetti (Gern Blandsten),Making Time- resident dj’s, [click.]-resident dj’s, SPRCSS (Frenchkissrecords), Dub Diablo (Disjoint), Aspera (jagjaguwar), RVNG MIX2, The Situation, Moqita (Om Records), GFS (Warner Brothers), etc…

As time went on, Julian and Justin collaborated with friends and compatriots

The results of all these collaborations are on the full lengths ‘BlastYrAkk’ and ‘Zeppelin 3’ the e.p’s ‘Unicorn Harpoon’ and ’Gonzo’s Cointreau’, all on Tonearm recordings.


The dystopian frontier is near, but never fear. In the new era of endlessness where we hide ourselves as humans among androids, there is hope. On Endless Bummer, the second album from Pink Skull, the producer duo of Julian Grefe and Justin Geller rip out the tracking chip and jump the grid on a quest for purity among putridity.

Endless Bummer was engineered by Quentin Stolzfus (Mazarin) and recorded live to 8 tracks on 1" tape at Alex Ounsworth’s (of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) studio outside of Philadelphia. The ‘in the moment’ feel accomplished at the 200 year old barn doesn’t typify traditional dance or ambient recordings but rather creates a hauntingly stoned

environment that allows the album as much free form as it does structure.

Lysergic traces from Pink Skull’s electro-fried debut Zeppelin 3 LP reappear on Endless Bummer in ghostly tape delays and trigger hits but

this album favors the man-made over the machine. Grefe’s vocals, both sung and sampled in harmony, humanize lead off track “Peter Cushing”

and “Oh, Monorail”, while the expanded “live” Pink Skull line up of drums, bass, and guitar animalize the skittish acid tracks “Chicken Inside Egg” and “Gonzo’s Cointreu”. Where Bummer mellows slightly, Skull’s spirit animal Geller takes tracks like “Wheet” and “Fired, So Fired” into outer kosmische territories.

The result of this balance parallels the Bummer along the various lines of PIL’s Metal Box, The Orb’s Pomme Fritz EP, the tropicalia Dada-ism of Tom Ze, and Eno & Cluster. Living / breathing electronic music made beyond the computer screen for bigger screens, Bummer could easily soundtrack a remake of Videodrome as well as it could a Kubrickian classic.

Endless Bummer is available on vinyl and mp3 formats. Each LP comes with a digital download of the full album (+ three bonus tracks) and Beardo Tyrannicus, a collection of original and found works by Pink Skull, laid out by Will Work For Good across two 18” x 24” newsprint posters. Look for Pink Skull’s frenetic live show on select dates supporting the release of Endless Bummer.