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Buffalo, United States

Electro House, Open Format

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DJ Peak- Working for 5 years, Dominic Bochicchio has stepped onto the DJ scene at Clarkson University. Armed with his laptop and a simple mixer he has transcended all expectations and has become one of the Best DJ’s in the Potsdam Area. Now he is about to upgrade from College parties to Nightclubs. But DJ Peak also keeps to his roots and still performs at parties, dances and other social gatherings, but now has a brand new partner in crime.

Miss Mirror- Leah Horden, is just stepping into the DJ scene. She started her music career at Clarkson University as a radio DJ, and this past year has been the station manager. In the past she has sung in many rock bands, and has always loved all types of music. Recently she was introduced to the scene by DJ Peak, and fell in love with effects. Now with DJ Peak, she is ready to step out of her shell, and get the crowd dancing.

Together we are PINJA.