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Pinche Cowboys

Chicago, United States

Minimal, Techno

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These DJ / Producers are known for lacing the freshest crates of underground records from across the globe. An exceptional selection of exclusive releases combined with an innate ability to work a crowd has fortified their brand and rapidly advanced their career. The team’s undeniable authenticity can be credited to their primary influences Green Velvet, Tiefschwarz, Crookers, Abe Duque, Riccardo Villalobos, & Tiga.

Pianist / Songwriter / DJ Uncle Tone began spinning progressive records in 1999, while Brandon K got his start spinning underground house in 2005. Initially they played records for their friends and experimented their live PA sets at house parties and rooftop events all over the city. It wasn’t till the summer of 2007 when they both transitioned into the techno realm, forming the Chicago based techno duo known as The Pinche Cowboys.

2008 is when they rolled up their sleeves and set out to tackle their hometown. They spent the first month mixing their Premier CD, blending their styles of jackin’ techno records and dirty acid tracks. After two years of persistence, these guys surely exceeded their share of weak time slots and empty venues. One dive-bar gig after another further emphasized the need to directly engage with their audience. Despite being placed at the bottom of the bill, The Cowboys began to develop a consistent draw. Their fan base began to grow, and so did their buzz. Consistent bookings perpetuated offering shows at larger events and exclusive loft parties.

In 2009 they promoted their follow-up set “Team USA” while spinning a local club on a Tuesday night. Despite a turnout of about 30 people their outlandish antics & after-hour intensity caught the attention of a local promoter from Intelligent Minds. Their distinctive sound and notable showmanship earned the two a prime spot at a renegade event the following Friday. Nearly a thousand people trekked through gravel roads and train tracks to arrive under a bridge on the Southside of Chicago. They were led about a mile to a secluded viaduct, surrounded by water, & a sound system ran on generators. As soon as the Pinche’s got on the decks, hundreds of heads showed up. The Dj’s ruled the crowd and in return gained a plethora of raging fans who will always remember the Pinche Cowboys kicking off the night with the vibe they came for. Certainly, this up-and-coming team would be at the turning point of their journey.

Meanwhile, the guys climbed through the ranks and started locking the prime slots. Three years in the making, “Team USA 2” became an iconic success across the US and abroad. Their persona was successfully branded with over a thousand handmade mixes relentlessly distributed in 2010. A sudden demand in the rave scene delivered the energy, walls drenched in sweat, and the mobbed dance floors they were lusting for. Their following continually expanded to the point that fans started driving hours just to get a taste of their signature blend of grimy techno. The Pinche’s began headlining for local promoters Vibe Tribe and Eclectic Grooves, while raves hosted by World of Source, Wicked Hallow and Winter Wonderland provided a great deal of exposure to an even broader demographic. The Chicago underground scene quickly recognized the Pinche Cowboys as a household name.

Deeply rooted in the city of too many Dj’s, it was certainly time for The Pinche Cowboys to expand beyond the local void. So they put together their own event and booked the East coast tag-team Monsterz Under The Bed. The success of “rEVOLVE” was shortly followed by shows in Baltimore in the spring of 2010 as well as headlining an event with G7 in Pennsylvania. The East coast trip turned a lot of heads and these two rocked the roof off as usual. A few weeks later the G7 crew flew the guys back out for another dose .

By the summer these kids were on fire, playing a handful of shows a week. After crushing a 2a.m. set for Nocturnal Pulse’s Lollapalooza after-party, they packed up their equipment and drove fifteen hours to G7’s 3-day festival “Summer Sanctuary” in upstate New York. Immediately The special-guest DJ’s were welcomed by gracious fans. Thirty hours after their Chicago gig, their sunrise set was an unforgettable one and rewarded the team with multiple promoters booking major East coast dates in June 2011.

The Pinche Cowboys surely kicked off the new year with a bang. Accompanied by remarkable amounts of feedback and overwhelming support, 2010 delivered hundreds of fans including 50 performances in 10 states. The South side vinyl junkies are wrapping up a highly anticipated Beatport exclusive premiering ten original productions followed by 12" presses this summer. One thing is certain, their determination and undeniable passion for techno presented a well deserved foot in the door. Clearly this is only the beginning for the Chicago based techno duo.