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San Francisco, United States


AKA: Samuel Doylestien, Ryan Williams, Michael Tello, Sammy D

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Sammy D has been a fixture in the San Francisco house and techno scene for the past 12 years. From his early days as a resident at the famed house club “The Top”, to his production collaborations with Dirtybird Justin Martin, all the way to his massive monthly [KONTROL] parties at the legendary EndUp, Sammy has had a firm hand in helping shape the music scene in the Bay Area for over a decade.

Having already released music under the moniker Justin Martin & Sammy D on such luminary labels such as Derrick Carter’s Classic Records, Ben Watt’s Buzzin’Fly and Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird, Sammy’s new project Pillowtalk (alongside production partners Michael Tello and Ryan Williams) is ready to pick up where he left off and move his productions in the natural direction we all knew Sammy was heading.

Pillowtalk is straight up soul dance music. Influenced by the great singers of the 50’s and 60’s, you can sometimes catch Sammy crooning on a corner in SF, or get caught up playing Name That Tune, dropping new jack swing classics at the drop of a hat. It’s Sammy’s voice that is his greatest asset, but his ears are certainly not far behind. His musical range and taste are incomparable…does this man own a bad record? Whether it be Rock, Disco, R’n’B, Northern Soul, Classic House, or Techno, he’s got an incredible ear for good tunes. Sammy prides himself on exploring all genres of music, and incorporating this knowledge into his productions and DJ sets.

Having today manned the decks for close to 15 years, it’s Sammy’s DJ sets that really separate him from most artists out there. He has that perfect balance of technicality, patience, and understanding of what to play at the right time. He can really read a crowd, which, coupled with his highly entertaining personality, has made for some of the most unforgettable and legendary sets San Francisco has had the joy of experiencing.

Sammy has played with just about every major DJ in the world through his [KONTROL] and LoveLetters events, but the time has clearly come for him to step out from behind the decks and into the spotlight with his refreshing new productions with Pillowtalk. Quite promisingly, their first production has already been signed to Seth Troxler and company’s hot new label Visionquest and a follow up LP on the upstart Life and Death label. Stay tuned, and watch for big things in the near future, because we’ve clearly only cracked the surface of this one-of-a-kind talent.