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Pieter Steijger, born on Valentine’s Day in the year house music took its first steps towards Europe, is starting to become a familiar face in the dance scene. Since his first steps on this world as a toddler, Pieter has been breathing music.

Pieter had his first rendezvous with the turntables at the age of 13 and since then he has been constantly working on innovating dance music and getting familiar with the roots of this music.

Nowadays, Pieter Steijger has a broad experience of working as a DJ and producer. He has managed to develop an unique sound: characterized as pure and quality house with influences from funk and techno. His character is best described as a tranquil person, but when you put him in a DJ booth or let him go his way in the studio, he really gets loose and ensures that the public gets a mind blowing experience to take home.

Pieter released tracks like “Get Some” & “Pseudoniem” on his own label Frameworx Recordings. Next to that he has also had several releases on labels like the Amsterdam based 90watts Music. Receiving support from leading DJ’s like Kevin Saunderson, Shlomi Aber, Gregor Tresher, Saeed Younan, Pig & Dan, Edwin Oosterwal, Mr. V, David Vendetta & Tom Novy.

Next to DJ’ing and producing solo, Pieter is also one part of the DJ duo Sander Young & Pieter Steijger. Together they share an immense passion for dance music. This passion is expressed through their unique sound influenced by the roots from Chicago and Detroit, replenished with groove and percussive sounds.

The future has much in store for this aspiring DJ/producer. With a year filled with releases it is evident that we will hear more from Pieter Steijger in the future.