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Johannesburg, South Africa

Electro House, Techno

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Nathan DJPicz Pearson

Is a Young Man / Music Enthusiasts who loves music and everything to do with music and producing. My passion and love for music comes through when i behind the decks ripping it up and even when I am out having a good time with my friends

I am 22 and have been DJ’ING for around 7 years. Growing and improving.

I have DJ’D alongside some of SA’s talented DJ’S and top Upcoming DJ’s and have also played at many clubs and events in and around Johannesburg and as well as Durban and have always been given positive feedback from the DJ’s and the crowds. And has recently opened up For International DJ / Producer Harrison Crump (USA) and aswell as play with and for harrison crump

Nathan hs the dream to take his career to the next level and tour the world DJ’ING across the globe alongside many famous and international DJ’s

Nathan has the ability to mix all genres of music and has a real passion for Hip Hop Deep House and Electro House music.