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Pi Ces

Cape Town, South Africa

Electro House

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Welcome to the birth of DJ PI-Ces

The power of music is amazing, the freedom to communicate a feeling without actually saying a word! The freedom to take yourself to a place that only the mind can enter!

The power to control the state of the mind through the magic that is MUSIC.I came to know Carry Wilson through the power of Music and since that time I’ve seen her grow from a fellow Adult Child Abuse survivor. And on to a worldly woman reaching out and touching hearts with her will to help others. Carry Wilson has been one big asset to the team at BeatRate, Her constant energy and passion has seen her uncover some of the most fired up and hidden talented music enthusiasts coming from inside Cape Town. A recent chat got us to thinking about trying out at DJing. She’s only been at it for a short time and she already begins to get a touch of her own vibe. I am starting to get a feel of who she wants to be as a DJ. I can sense her desire for EDM and Trance, house but if I really believe DJing is a feeling. It’s an emotion.

Since the day of our chat about trying to Dj, Carry has gone from strength to strength. (Not making any excuses here, but I much prefer chit-chat across the web) DJing for someone like me, is more of a selected style format.. I select the track n someone else can mix that for me! Carry however, has taken to this Djing thing, like a swan to water.

Her recent efforts have led to her building relation with the likes of the team at Hitvar Radio in the Netherlands. We have been lucky enough to bring you all some cracking sets courtesy of carry (DJ Pi-ces) and our recent new twist of EDM to our playlist, So far, The Guest mixes have come in from the ever so talented DJ Charles, DJ Miss Wendy and Carl Cox Favorite, and Mixcloud champion, DJ Chris Odd. We have seen carry take much inspiration from these recent inset mixes and are overly proud, Sitting here — We are witnessing our pint size pixie grow and evolve her talents in the DJ Arena!

Our south African queen has so far mixed in the darkness of deep house, Chopped through the intensity that is Tech, jumped through the dimensions of future and levitated up above the boundaries of euphoric EDM. I know she is a sucker for a BassLine, but I wanted to know where she wanted to be on the genre map so I decided to ask the lady herself a few questions in order to get a clearer picture of what we can expect from DJ PI-Ces in the future… Here’s what I asked her and what she told me..

1. What music do you play?

As a profiler, the object is always to key counter rolls of skill are observe and listening. Starting from Deep house Jackin House, Bassline to Trance, Techno EDM Drum code and busy teaching myself Trap and Dubstep.

2. Who is your influence as a DJ ATM -(Commercially)

To be honest, I don’t have any. I have a mentor, yes DJRedman has taught me a lot and along with listening to various DJ mixes. I have huge respect for DJs and entertainers in this industry as it takes real talent to do what they do.

3. As a new participant to on the DJ scene, what do you feel you can bring to the industry that you’re not hearing now?

For myself, When I play, It’s all emotion and feeling the music. Hearing the same ol’ same old and giving the people what they want to hear is not my scene…The art of being a DJ or whatever is to give your crowd what they’re not expecting to hear. It builds adrenaline and that said people can’t truly say they do not like a track until they have heard it played in the correct manner. I don’t like using special effects much to take away the momentum of a track, as in a set remember only parts are being played.

In my own style of play, It’s difficult to stick to one genre as you can bring so much together in just one set.

Well, if you have been tuned in the last few weeks you would have caught an earful of her (DJ PI-Ces) recent mixes on weds, When we open up the days program to our Lady deejays – ONLY!!