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Portland, United States

Dubstep, Electronica

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Phutureprimitive is the moniker of Northwest producer and song writer Rain. If you were to look at early childhood photos, you would find Rain sitting at the piano plinking keys, grinning from ear to ear…..a true sign of things to come. Continuing his early fascination with music, Rain was later drawn to electronic music, inspired by its ability to combine the best of organically played instruments and the synthetic pleasures of sounds more exotic to the human ear. After beginning a DJ career in the 90s, Rain began incorporating the music he was making in his home studio into his DJ sets. That was all it took trigger a full blown love affair with electronic music and the process of its creation…..and Phutureprimitive was born.

Phutureprimitive music is singular and unique in its approach: Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, his music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into hypnotic movement and often escalating toward a full kinetic experience. Conceived and produced in a digital environment, his music manages to convey more humanity and organic warmth then typically found in an often cold and sterile genre. Shimmering with cinematic qualities, his music ultimately speaks to both the mind and the body. Despite electronic music’s tendency to suffer a short shelf life, Phutureprimitive has already demonstrated a timeless quality with his debut album release of “Sub Conscious” on Waveform Records, which has managed to increase in sales since its release in 2004, obtaining a cult status among fans and collectors. With a string of singles released in the interim on various labels, his second full-length release is currently in production, pushing his sound into new territories of emotional electronic music.

In a direct assault against the “lone producer behind a laptop” standard of live electronic music, Rain is taking the live experience to new levels. The Phutureprimitive live show is now realized as a band featuring drums by Thaddeus Moore, bass by Joel Crane, and guitar, keyboards and vocals by Rain. The Phutureprimitive Live experience breathes new life into an already sonically rich and stimulating musical offering, drawing crowds to the dance floor for a primal music experience. Constantly defying convention, the Phutureprimitive sound is not solidly rooted in any single genre nor easily defined, but draws influences from many sub-genres including Downtempo , Glitch Hop, Dub, Breaks, Psychedelic Rock, and more. Phutureprimitive has become a musical force to be reckoned with, performing in cities and countries throughout the United States, and Europe including New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, England, Scotland, Portugal, Holland, Italy and Croatia.