Phreek D’s journey began in ’93 after going to his first party and over the next few years really fell in love with the vibe of making people dance. After a couple years watching his favorite DJs like Doc Martin, Terry Mullin, Derrick Carter and a few other he finally got his own decks and started spinning in ’97 and that is where it all began to build. By ’99 Phreek D started playing regular local shows openning and closeing for many top notch Northwest DJs and had residency at 2 of Portlands underground afterhours clubs (The Studio & The State) ’99 thru ’01. After playing show til ’02 Phreek D decided to take a break to pursue learning the trade of event productions mainly in the rock-n-roll biz. Getting to work with some of the top Bands in the world and seeing how and what it takes to throw an event Phreek D knew he wanted to do more than just DJ put to throw top quality shows. When givin the chance to DJ on the Dew Action Sport Tour in ’07 Phreek D quickly regained his love for moving a dance floor and knew he wanted to DJ for a large show again.

Now it has been more than 2 years since Phreek D teamed up with one of his old partners 3 Peace from Funkside Family to throw their first show in early ’08 called “Love Spell” with Lea Luna as the headliner. In the last 2 years it as been non stop for Phreek D bangin out the Fidget House at show after show. After a 5 year retirement Phreek D has built a fan base with the new school party kids faster than any Northwest DJ has ever done. Playing most of Ground Breaking Events shows for the last 2 years like “Rave to tha Grave”,“Together”,“Big Bang Theory 2”,“Green”,“Utopia 3”,“School Of Hard Beats”,“Rave to tha Grave 2” & “Nintechno 2” and headling couple other shows form other Promoters. Now Phreek D has turned it up a notch by teaming up with Phatwire Entertainment to throw there very first party “Nightmare after Valentines” w/ Quack Quack from SLC and it was a huge success. Setting his sights forward Phreek D is now about to venture into producing tracks and working on sharing his grove to the World!