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Phillip Morris

Walnut Creek, United States

Chill Out


Phillip Morris (aka: Solitary) has been connected with his music for years.

After starting deejaying at around fifteen, Morris quickly perfected his skills and expanded his ability to concoct an ever so demanded remix here and there. Morris got his early inspirations from such producers and artists as Goldie, Talvin Singh, Kid Loco and of course Thievery Corporation. Fascinated by the slower more mellow side of electronic music Morris teamed up with good friend and partner Bill Gates. Together Morris and Gates have blown crowds away with an energy contained in what they’ve called Ultra Lounge. Mixing two or three records to create the soft easing tunes with a slide of the hand, Morris has consistently continued to baffle audiences with his deeply layered mixes. In 1998 Morris united with fellow artists RJ Reynolds, BensonHedges & Bill Gates. To form and maintain, The Move Management Group.

Phillip Morris, Bill Gates & RJ Reynolds are the masterminds behind The Black Lung Conspiracy. When these three team up to take the tables, they present music as anything but ordinary. From knowing each other as children, Morris, Gates & Reynolds all began deejaying in their early teens. For years they maintained separate styles in their works, until in late 1998, the trio teamed up for a small project dubbed, “Common Corporation” which was released on a limit of 250 white label copies nationwide. With moderate success, the trilogy decided to start and maintain what is known today as, the Black Lung Conspiracy. Spending most of their time in the studio perfecting their mixes, Morris, Gates & Reynolds have continued to please America’s ears with the more eclectic sides of electronic tunes. As artists under the Move Management roster, The Black Lung Conspiracy has made their way to the most unlikely of venues throughout their careers. It is said that “when you least expect them, that’s when they usually show up…tables and all.” Adored by all, including the best of their long-time friends, Morris, Gates & Reynolds usually bring nothing but smiles to their ever-loving fans. The trilogy has performed across the map at miscellaneous performances throughout, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit & the St. Louis areas. In recent, TBLC has taken back to the studio to complete their upcoming projects: Big Business, The Dharma Beats EP, and Riviera Presents. All of wich should be fully released by early 2003.