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Philip (La Rocca)

Mol, Belgium

Progressive House, Tech House

AKA: Philip

2Brains Music, Nanouchi Music
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Philip Michael Andersson aka Dj Philip started his dj career in 1989, where he start of as an allround dj, playing all kinds of music from new wave till reggae…

At the age of 16 he was allready resident in 2 famous local clubs,

Than it grew bigger & bigger From clubs like Risco, Nut’s,Tomorrow,Karrewiel …

@ the start of housemusic Philip new this was the music he loved!

Had residenties in legendary clubs; Tam Tam, Forest, Baccardi’s,Outline,Illusion,Revolution(Nijmegen NL),Renania (Köln DE) Carat, Shaft & LaRocca where he stills plays the decks every week!

His producing career started @ the age of 18 & his first release “TooDeep” sold up to 20 000 copy’s only in the benelux….He had joint productions with lot’s of artists M.I.K.E, Regi , Peter Lut’s, Starfighter, Eduardo Delvino, …Made remixes for names like EricM (DepecheMode’s Personal Jesus), Pole Folder, Oliver Moldan, Tiësto, Vincent the Moor ,Quicksilver, Philip made also lots of remixes for bands like Milc inc, Kate Ryan, Jessy, Astroline & many more …

Philip was also one of the leading man behind the Gemini II project & was the man who got Zippora here first international hit! “Lotus Eater” His own productions all Dj Philip’s with singers like Karen Daems, Marsha, … , Tales of Dj Philip, Philip Michael Andersson.

Released his tracks on labels like Positiva, Black Hole, Faith Music, Bonzai, FreeStyle, Byte, Anaconda,Revelation rec, and many many more..

Philip Played all over the world; in Africa he played in Johannesburg & Capetown in South America; Colombia in Cali & Bogota, He played all over Europe Spain (4years resident in MoefGaGa Lloret de Mar)Bacelon El Sundo D’el Mundo

Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Frans and so on …

In December 2006 Philip started his own record label FAITHMUSIC that is now one of the leading Belgium’s Underground Labels. Names on Philip’s label are Pole Folder, Oliver Moldan, Art-B, Miquell Santos, Mastino,DavaDiToma, the label had remixes from JimRivers,Glenn Morrison, GuyJ,Oliver Moldan,..

In 2011 Philip starts his second Label Nanouchi Music

DJ Philip is Now Resident in Belgium’s most famous nightclub “LaRocca”

voted 66 in DJMAG’s club top 100 2012!

Tracks Produced

Dj Philip’s Tracks

1 Dj Philip Eternaly Freestyle / Fog Area 1998

2 DJ Philip I Too Deep FreeStyle001 / Fog Area 1996

3 Dj Philip II Reach out Freestyle 003/ Fog Area/Native Dance records 1996

4 Dj Philip III Heaven Freestyle 005 / Fog Area/ Dance pollution 1997

5 Dj Philip vs Franco La Cara Harmony Freestyle 013 1999

6 Tales of Dj Philip All night long AGM 2001

7 Dj Philip Let the music guide you feat Lizz Parker AGM 2003

8 Dj Philip feat Marsha Moments Illusion Records 2001

9 Dj Philip American Native

10 Dj Philip Let me bring you love

11 Dj Philip Be Free

Philip VS tracks

1 Zippora What about you Byte recordings 2001

2 Zippora Lotus Eater Byte recordings 2000

3 Gimini II We love the music Byte recordings / B2 2001

4 Gimini II Living on the other side Byte recordings / B2 2001

5 Lizz Parker Foolish in love AGM 2002

6 Dust I Can feel the love inside AGM 2002

7 Overload Freeze Revelation / AGM 2000

8 Rego & Philipo Upside Down Sookie Records 2001

9 M.I.K.E. vs Philip Music from the inside Bonzai / Carat traxx 2001

10 Gimini II Rising Byte recordings / B2 2000

11 Only Human Philip Michael Andersson vs Art-B

12 Endless Philip Michael Andersson vs Miquell Santos

Dj Philip Remixes

1 Nico Parisi Basstrain Atmoz 2002

2 Milk inc. Sleepwalker Antler Subway 2002

3 Astroline Angels A&S 2000

4 Viper Blue Sunshine Yeti records 1999

5 Eduardo Del Vino feat Alides Hidding It’s your life / Dj Philip rmx Clockloop 2003

6 K-Line Groove is in the heart Jamstreet 2003

7 K-Line Music Satisfaction Jamstreet recordings 2003

8 Jessy Look at me now AGM 2002

9 Nico Parisi The Beginning Atmoz 1998

10 Blue Nation It’s allright Bonzai 1999

11 Milk inc. Oceans Antler Subway 1999

12 Red & Ramson Arise Big Bubbles No Troubles --

13 Milk inc. Walk on water Antler Subway --

14 Milk. inc In my eyes Slotmachine records --

15 Milk inc. Inside of me / Dj Philip rmx Antler SubWay --

16 Moon project Naked Fantasy Bonzai / XTC --

17 Extreme Trax Don’t stop Bonzai / XTC --

18 Tiesto Cry for love / dj philip rmx Blackhole --

19 Tiesto Earth – Dj Philip rmx Black Hole --

20 Extreme trax Final Fantasy – Dj Philip rmx Bonzai / XTC --

21 MoonMan First light Sci-Fi Records --

22 Squid Emprisoningg sound on a piece of wax – Dj Philip rmx TF Productions --

23 Kate Ryan I’m so alive 2Brains 2006

24 Eric M Touch Faith – Philip’s After touch & life remix Faith Music 001 2006

25 Oliver Moldan – South Beach Shuffle – Philip’s Dirty Beach rmx on FaithMusic

26 Faddy Feraye – Ifyougetintoityougottogetoutofit – Philip vs Delvino’s RocknRoll Dub

27 Mastino – Himbeer Soda – Philip Michael Andersson rmx