Phil Metcalfe

Baildon, United Kingdom


Phil Metcalfe Beatport



So not to bore you with third person descriptions about myself and how amazing I am I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m a Trance DJ/producer from Leeds, UK. I’ve been DJing since I was 18. I’ve been fortunate enough to play some cool clubs around the country. A few years ago I decided to try my hand at producing. Whilst I’ve not produced stuff to Tyas standard, I have had tracks signed to Defcon Records and a couple of others and have had a decent amount of DJ support on some of them too. I have a monthly show on the mighty called Reactive Senses which airs the first Monday of each month from 4pm.

As for the promoter side, I co-promote an night in Leeds, UK, called Forward. Our aim is to bring the underground feel back to the Trance scene. It’s down at Stinky’s Peephouse the first Friday of each month. Check it out – it’s bloody awesome ;)