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Originally hailing from Portugal (Aveiro), DJ PHEW (João Miguel Pires), was born in 74.He began his career in the art of DJing since the 90”s, heavily influenced by electronic music of the time, starting initially by playing at private parties, like the vast majority of DJs of that time, and in that short time DJ PHEW acquired a passion for all kinds of electronic music (house, tech-house, techno), that will never die no more.From the private parties, to the main stage of the best clubs and national events & some festivals, DJ PHEW has long been divided between the records, the DJing, and later his other passion: Music Production. His effort and dedication to electronic music resulted in a notable rise in the national club circuit, where he performed alongside top Portuguese artists, through his enormous connection with the public, combined with a refined technique, and one of his strongest points, his taste in music. His sets are characterized by energetic and hi octane style with a multifaceted and eclectic variation of house, tech-house, minimal techno & techno. He has a commitment to diversity by exploring any particular style of house & techno. Melodic, progressive and groovy beats are the hallmark of the DJ PHEW style, when combined with his technical skill it creates a steady increase in intensity, pace and energy that infect the audience leading them through a mesmerizing trip and giving no break to people on the dance floor. Track selection is one of his strengths! Deliberately makes use of improvisation, provoking interaction. Sometimes it is accompanied by a groovy beats or by melodic sounds creating atmospheres leading the audience to another dimension. The creativity, enthusiasm and variation lead to every gig being a different party, making each performance unique.During his long career in Portugal marked a permanent presence on the national circuit of the highest level playing in the most emblematic clubs like: Alcatraz (Cantanhede), Pachá (Ofir), Rocks (Porto), I.R.S (Algarve), Horta 2 (Algarve), Estação da Luz (Aveiro), Via Latina (Coimbra), Ultimatum (Coimbra), Viaáppia (Salgueiro), Club 8 Graus (Aveiro), Barbaridades(Algarve), First Club(Cantanhede), Komplexus (Famalicão), etc.., also to playing some times in Spain at the club Joy Eslava (Corunha). DJ PHEW had the pleasure of acting alongside top international artists and djs:Little Louie Vega, Basement Jaxx, Dave Clarke, Dave Angel, Mark Allen, Lil Louis, Damon Wild, Félix “da Housecat”, Blast, Chris Coco, Roy Davis Junior, Stacey Pullen, Darren Price, Ivan.F.Rochez, Billy Scurry, Ulic O”Reilly, Rob di Stephano, Fred Giteau, Jesus Del Campo, Antony Millard, Surgeon, Colin Dale, Justin Drake, Jim Masters, Lulu, Terry Francis, Sam Foudeh, Fumiya Tanaka, Andreas Kremer, H-Foundation, Gerardo Niva, Moving Fusion, among many others. But it was only after moving to London to study music production for a couple of years back in 2005 that his passion for making music really began to take hold. During that time he played at the Venues: Sosho Match (Bar/Club, 2 Tabernacle Street, Broadgate, Old Street, London), Bang Bar (Ivory House, St. Katharine Docks, London), and every Sunday Sessions at Lloyds No. 1 (Camden, The Ice Wharf, 28 Jamestown Road, London).In his ceaseless quest for perfection and artistic growth, he felt the need to extend his art to music creation, and finally he assumed the role of producer.His music sits perfectly along the boundries of deep, hypnotic tech house grooves and percussion infused techno beats, appealing to both underground house and techno lovers alike…

LABELs: Bembe Recordings / Cristal Music / Revolucion Records