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Bored with DJ’s, obsessed by finding new sounds and going out of the ordinary club loop, Jean-Patrice Remillard got interested by music production in 1998. The first project, Pheek, was inspired by a Plastikman show in which JP heard for first time a way to use minimal techno into a set. Blown away, JP got interested in live performances as well as making his own tracks.

Pheek is not an unknown name anymore for the minimal techno dweller of Montreal. Playing at fest like Mutek and Elektra, but also for bringing peaceful minimalism to raves chillouts, Pheek got known for his numerous live performances as well as his four albums. His association to the collective Epsilonlab would give him a new playground to play music he believes in.

His 2 album releases with Epsilonlab will be critically acclaimed and get nominated at the ADISQ gala. Soft and intelligent rhythms that play with your head as well as your feets, was the description for his album Les Autres Promeneurs released in 2004.

Things worked out on the international scale when Pheek got in contact with Netlabel Thinner and released with them. Followed by 3 tours to Europe (France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal), where he played at places such as Batofar, London’s AKA, Libon’s Cosmopolis fest and Switzerland’s Bienale located in Neuchatel, Pheek exported his live set to new crowds.

His music got more attention when it got in the hands of Richie Hawtin who played it through his Final Scratch sets as well as DJs like Magda and Jay Haze. This would then result in some releases to come.

Inspired by the feedback his music received and willing to take risks, JP decided to start his own label, Archipel.