Top 50k on The DJ List


Winnipeg, Canada

Hard Dance, Hip-Hop

Fresh Food Records, Future Roots
Phatcat Beatport


Whether it be breaking hip hop beats or spinning house, this guy plays it all. He plays to the crowd mixing and matching music to create a sublime atmosphere.

Phatcat started DJing when he was 17 playing school dances, Christmas parties, and private socialistic parties. He then moved on to play in whole-in-the-wall type bars playing the classic tunes and promoting the new tunes. With the help of some local Dj’s and school, Phatcat is an up and coming Dj, learning seamless mixes and beatmatching to a T.

A few more years from now, and he could become the next JustRich or Harry Chan. You wait and see, you could be hearing his name soon enough.