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If asked what Greek Producer, Phase Difference, would put in a biography to describe himself, he would semi-jokingly say, ‘I’m in the studio, too busy to write a bio’ and busy he has been indeed.

2009 was the year he started toying with electronic music. Through a process of trial and error, his passion for creation grew. Phase Difference’s productions are distinct and exude this personality, radical and groovy, heavy hitting dance floor bombs.

Influenced from a diverse roster of artists ranging from Deadmau5 to Richie Hawtin, he has established a reputable name for himself in the industry. Through Originals and Remixes, his tracks have charted numerous times on Beatport and have been signed to a multitude of labels such as 1605, Bosphorus Underground Recordings, AAAAH Records, Human Garden Music and Rabies Records, just to name a few.

Who knows what tricks Phase Difference has up his sleeves as his career in music unfolds but one thing is for certain, he delivers a driving product every time.

“It’s music, why so serious?”