Phase 2 Beatport


Phase 2 has had an undeniable love and passion for music since he was a young boy. He experimented with many instruments (including piano, guitar, and drums) beginning at the early age of six. It wasn’t until the age of 15, when he fooled around on a turntable that he knew this was his calling in life. A year later, he bought his first pair of Technics 1200’s.

Phase 2 bought records with every cent he had, and practiced constantly for hours on end. This self-taught Prodigy caught the attention of house party-goers for years in the Midwest; yet, he never ventured into the club scene until moving to Destin, Florida. There, he landed his first residency at NICO’S bar alongside some of the most talented DJ’s in the Florida panhandle. This high energy weekly allowed Phase 2 to showcase his flawless mixing, hardcore scratching, and his ability to read any crowd and make them dance.

After nearly a year of living in the panhandle, Phase 2 decided to move to Miami, which he considered to be the Mecca of electronic music. Five months later, he was on the line-up for one of the largest parties ever, Ultra Music Festival 8. Shortly after, he was booked as the opening act for Eros at the “Tastemakers of Breaks” party. Other “tastemakers” included: Scratch D of Dynamix II and the Xquizit DJ X. A week later, Phase 2 was asked to fill Don-L’s spot on The Womb, a live stream internet TV/radio which can be seen worldwide.

Phase 2’s eccentric style of scratching caught the ear of producer/performer Devine of Devine and emilyPLAY>. He was asked to showcase his aggressive scratching over two of Devine’s tracks: “Pump It” and “Kick It”, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2006. He also plans to collaborate more with Devine in the near future.

With influences such as: The Chemical Brothers, DJ Icey, DJ Craze, Doc Roc, and the Beat Junkies, Phase 2 has created an incomparable style all his own. While mostly leaning towards Breaks and Electro, Phase 2 likes to incorporate all genres into his sets. He is known to spin anything from Hip-Hop to Jungle, Booty to Hard House.

Phase 2’s unique style, sky-scraping energy, and unadulterated love for the scene are evident in his captivating DJ sets. Behind the decks, he is a force to be reckoned with, and with plans to break major grounds in the production field, he will soon be unstoppable. Look out for him, because he is the next phase of DJ’s. He is Phase 2.

2006 Bookings:

March 25, Ultra Music Festival 8

March 26, Tastemakers of Breaks

April 7, The Womb

April 8 and 9, Beach Fest with Scratch Academy

May 3, AdultBrainswimming

May 5, Myst at Club Rain

May 9, M*A*S*H*U*P* at Boom Boom Room

May 10, AdultBrainswimming

May 12, Myst at Club Rain

May 13, Hypnotized at Club X-it

May 14, Model convention with Scratch Academy

May 15, M*A*S*H*U*P* at Boom Boom Room

May 19, M*A*S*H*U*P* at I/O Lounge

May 26, M*A*S*H*U*P* at I/O Lounge

June 7, The Womb with Mashup-Crew

June 24, Destination at Club X-it