Top 25k on The DJ List

Peter Cekon

Borås, Sweden



In the middle of the 80s Peter bought his first electro album and from that day on, he became an avid fan. Closely following the evolving electro scene, Peter became more interested in participating as a dj not just as a frequent listener.

Homing his skills and practicing patiently for years until he in 1996 met the French house-dj Manuel Perez, who opened a new world of dance music to him. Showing a world outside the electro-sphere in which he started out.

After a three year long residency at the legendary club Swing in his hometown Boras, Peter moved on to play more frequently in other Swedish clubs and in addition to this he also went abroad for several gigs. With gigs in England, Balitcum, Balkan and more is making him an avid traveler but his home audience can still catch him playing at various clubs and parties in Sweden, even if he nowadays is too busy to hold a fulltime residency.

Peters critically acclaimed “Tribalmystique” mix has been played on Swedish national radio P3 Klubb as well as on Slovakia national radio Rock FM and various other mixes played on online shows, hosted by his fans, making him a household name. He is also a member of DJ Promotions in Sweden, making him one of the top djs that gets to list the prestigious “prime cuts” chart. The Prime cuts chart is presented on Saturdays on Swedish national radio station P3 with almost 1 million listeners.

As a DJ he has always been into various elements in the all stated genres, which today reflects on his crowd pleasing ability to rock any crowd with his skills and technique to find the best track for the moment.

As a producer he’s on his way to release his first record on Kollegamusic record label and with a few bootleg mixes under his belt he is sure to make a mark with his own productions.

Most notably is the bootleg of 50 Cent “Candyshop” that is included in many cross-over DJ’s mix sets and it’s a track that can be heard in a club near you.

While not djing or producing, he hosts his own radio show at one of the most innovative radio stations on the net, Pulseradio with his longtime partner in crime, Suzanna Zustovic. The show shows of his skills and also promotes new and established talents on a weekly basis.