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Pierre Ramone Phillips known as PopaPerkz started his musical journey before he even knew he wanted to be a dj. Being classically trained in both the piano and the trumpet from the age of 5, his love for music not only stood the test of time but evolved from being forced to attend music lessons to making it his life. He say’s “clearly in this instance as I become older my heart has become fonder and fonder of musical notes and melodies”. He has been djing at private events since age 14 whether it be birthday parties, weddings or the informal gathering with friends he was the one to plug in the Aux cable and create the vibe.

Having have recording & performance experience under the alias Perky D; solo and as a part of the hip hop/caribbean fusion male group BlackHill and also numerous appearances with the Alexandra School Band and the Barbados National Youth Orchestra serenading and entertaining a crowd has never been an issue for him. “I still get nervous of course, it’s much easier when it’s being done with a group because you have support but when you’re alone it’s the first couple minutes that may take some getting use to.”

His love for music allows him to be versatile as a dj in many genres. “I can never listen to just one genre and a few popular songs, I like to dig deep, I like to hear what everyone else isn’t talking about, I like to put people on to underrated music and then they come back saying they fell in love with it.” His philosophy about genres is that “many a time people put a class on music and say since we’re ‘xyz’ we shouldn’t listen to ‘efg’ but music was put here for the masses to enjoy, as long as I can relate and it runs a shiver through my body, it is good music.”

In 2014, he started a music project called "OuttaBox"and also decided to drop the “Dj” from his name because his goals are to be much more than a dj, having written and produced many songs he sees it as an inJustice to himself and the one who blessed him with such talents to not share it with the rest of world. OuttaBox he says is a “collective of talent trying to assist Caribbean music to reach it’s full potential and world recognition.”

Currently, PopaPerkz is the music coordinator & dj for New York based hip hop artist High Nelson, whilst playing live at many events held in Barbados and making waves online with his mixes and promotions. Definitely, he is something to look out for coming out of Barbados in the near future.