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John Pericles Perk is a 23 year old DJ and Producer currently based in Charleston, SC. A life-long musician, his love for Electronic music began to grow with Radiohead’s rather dark and highly imaginative album Kid A, as well as the music of Boards of Canada, Sasha, Sigur Ros, among many others.

After a spring in Europe in 2006 discovering the worlds of Trance and Dirty House, he soon picked up a pair of Pioneer MK2 800s and a Behringer and began his journey.

By summer 2008, he had played nearly 100 shows/events in and around Charleston as well as Philadelphia, Hilton Head Island, and Spartanburg, SC.

As beatmatching and mixing became second nature, he began to search for new creative ways to make sets unique and progressive, and he began working with live instrumentalists and MCS.

Eventually this path led him to the incredible world of Ableton Live 7, an Akai mpd24 controlla, and the art of Live PA sets of original creations, based mainly in the infamous half stepping at 140 of dubstep.

He looks forward to releasing brand new music in late 2008 and pumping his brand of imaginative electronic music into systems in the years to come.