DJ PER played his first records on a party called Het Bal ('84) in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, a dance night filled with performances, live-music, fashion-shows and other act... read more
Per Beatport


DJ PER played his first records on a party called Het Bal (‘84) in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, a dance night filled with performances, live-music, fashion-shows and other acts. This was the pre-house period with hip-hop, electro, pop, wave and more, everything was played then as long as it had a good groove. This turned into a regular saturday night event in the same place called Dance Hall Night, every saturdaynight from ’86-’90 with a different decor every week and all kinds of acts and performances. During this period, house became an ever increasing factor, until this groundbreaking club-night made way for The Beat Club, the first dutch party organisation that gave house-parties all over the country. To name a few: weekender in a big tent next to the Coengebouw in A’dam, Parkzicht in R’dam, in a tent on the beach in Wijk aan Zee, in a huge warehouse on the Javakade etc etc. Per playEd Solo on most of them, sometimes even sets of no less then 10 hours. From ‘89 to ’91 there were almost 30 parties, the biggest one was the first Dutch rave in Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam on 12-1-’91 called ‘Rave of the 90’‘. With live on stage: Lil’ Louis, Snap, Rhythm Device and 808 State and guest dj’ Eddy de Clercq, Mike Pickering, Joost van Bellen.

Also in ‘89: the first Timemachine in the Melkweg, in cošperation with his brother Claes. A collection of many parties in one, in which every Timegate has it’ own musicstyle, decor and atmosphere. The Timemachine is now in rest after more then 50 editions in 10 years. There have been landings in ZŸrich (Rote Fabrik 8/9/‘90), Bruxelles (Halles de Schaerbeek 25/9/’93), Cambridge (Junction 23/7/‘94), Terschelling (Oerol festival 9,10,11-6/’94) and in The Hague (Paard 11/10/‘97). The Timemachine Clubnights started of as a serie of sundaynights in the Melkweg, as a stage for National and International guest dj’ with Per as host. The first summer in 1994 brought guests like Sven VŠth (D), Joost v. Bellen, Remy and Eddy de Clercq. In 1995 it were Sasha (UK), Carl Cox (UK), Juan Atkins (USA), Jens Mahlstedt (D), Toby (Jap) and Carlijn. The last serie was in 1996 with DJ’ Paul v. Dijk (D), Ian Ossia (UK), Sister Bliss (UK), Koenie (Blg), Eva and a solo night with Per.

In ‘93, it was time for The Ambient Weekend, a festival dedicated to a newly discovered direction in electronic music. Two days of live music combined with spacey dj’ in a relaxing and soothing surrounding. The three editions of this festival featured bands like Aphex Twin, Pete Namlook, HIA, Biosphere, Jeff Greinke, Manna, Tournesol, Tuu, Another Fine Day etc.etc. Per and his brother Claes (2 Meijer Prod) have also been responsible for the chill-out hall on the Digital Overdose parties in Sporthallen-Zuid in A’dam (‘96/’97). Here a sports-hall was turned into a old-citycentre, a video-nature garden or a concert-hall with live musicians playing with dj’. In 1997 the 2 Meijer Prod. team were also responsable for a Paradise tent on the Mysteryland open-air festival (5/7/‘97) near Apeldoorn with dj’ a.o. Spider Willem, Astrid and live Seven Seas. And in ‘98 there was the Timemachine tent on the New Frontier Festival festival on Muiderstrand, with dj’ Ian Ossia (UK), Astrid, Tom (Lyon) and Sander Kleinenberg.

The names of other parties where Per was involved in both as a dj and organiser were Paradise (Mazzo A’dam ‘89-’93, Hemkade ‘95 &’96), Go, an organisation that started of on queensday on a boat through the canals of A’dam 30-4-‘92, but was soon also the first booking-agency for dj’ in Holland, with dj’ like Joost v. Bellen and Marcello. The other GO-parties were again on strange locations like a ferry (going from A’dam to Muiden and back 27-5-‘92), in the first-class railway-station restaurant 6-2-’93, in Het Amsterdamse Bos on queensday 30-4-‘93, and in the Sleep In with Justin Robertson (UK) 11-5-’93, Tam Tam Tribe with Maz Weston (Soho Connection, Pinguin-club & VIP-club), in the beautiful Veem Theater (A’dam ‘95-’97). As a dj Per has and still plays on all major raves, clubs and parties all arond the Netherlands. Many consider him the father of progressive in Holland. But Per has also played an important role in the development of house-parties in France, where he played very regularly all over France for many years in the early 90’.

Besides all this party stuff, Per appeared in most leading magazines, papers, tv and radio-shows in Holland, and has contributed to many Dutch books handling topics like XTC or the history of the house movement. Even a lecture at the Erasmus University happened once. There was also an appearance as a guest at an arranged dinner table in the theatre-piece ‘Aan Tafel’, with Jolien Wanninkhof, Joy Hoes en Gusta Geleijnse, directed by Lidy Six, in Frascati in Amsterdam in may ‘96. Per has had his own radio-shows on Radio 100 (Amsterdam illegal Radio) and AFM (Amsterdam legal Kabel Radio) and now travels from one show to the other (538, Slam-radio etc) to present his own mixture of uplifting progressive tunes. As writing is concerned, for 2 years he has written CD revieuws in the Dutch Time-Out magazine, and wrote a monthly column in Samson All Areas, a magazine with the emphasis on live-music (’96-‘97).

Per has released four mixed CD’ in the years ‘94, ’95, ’96 and ’97 under the name Per’ Paradise with ID & T Holland. They give an impression of his specific style and booklets with pictures, a poster with all the flyers and a early-morning CD were thrown in to finish it off. In 1999 a 4CD was released (3 music and a cd-rom) to celebrate the 10 year excistence of Timemachine, compiled and produced by Per. There was one record release in ‘90 on Subway Records from Belgium called ’Quote Unquote’ with Claes, and one with Sander Kleinenberg as ‘Rails Inc’ on Deal Rec. called ‘Clearcut’ (’96).

From november 1999 Per works hard on his new concept called EARTH , which is a multimedia concept in the Dutch club scene, together with Sander Kleinenberg en Stef Vrolijk. EARTH takes place every second Friday of the month in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, but also on a regular basis in Nighttown in Rotterdam, Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht and 013 in Tilburg. In the year 2000 also on Heineken Horizons (RAI Amsterdam) and on the open-air festival New Frontier (Amsterdamse Bos).