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Debrecen, Hungary

Minimal, Techno

4Play Trax, ADS Records, Adult Records
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Peter Forasi, better known as Peppelino in the music industry, was born in 1985 in Hungary. He got hooked on techno music in ’98 and in 2005 finally got his own production going. As Peppe was spending long hours working hard in the studio, the following two years quite quickly started to bring him success. His tracks were getting released on digital labels such as Prozak Records, Techment, Egotraxx and others.

In 2008 his tracks his tracks started getting released in vinyl format as well on some of the biggest techno record labels including Yin Yang, Soulaccess and Penetration Nation.He has done remixes for artists as Spiros Kaloumenos, Reaky, Pratap, Darkrow, Mladen Tomic, Collins and Benham, Michal Poliak, Tiago S, Marco G…, while his tracks were also remixed by some of the top techno producers including Stephane Signore, Dejan Milicevic, Reaky and many others.

In the beginning of the year he got an offer to join the MOSP booking agency and he didn’t need a lot of time to think about it. He immediately grabbed the opportunity and joined the agency that cooperates with many big stars along with Lucca, Preach, Wehbba, Misa Salacova, Michal Poliak, Space Djz and many many more.

Peter’s unique groovy and energetic sound was soon noticed by other leading DJ’s and his tracks are now often played by some of the biggest names in the techno industry like Cristian Varela, Stephane Signore, Dj Murphy, Dj Preach, Reaky, Wehbba and many others who like to put some drama onto the dancefloor.

He got some excellent reviews of a lot of his tracks charting high up on download sales, appearing on DJ charts worldwide, played on several radio stations as much as on web casts and continuously seeing his tracks on worlds biggest DJs TOP10s.

Peppelino won the Reaky – Mushter remix competition on Yin Yang records and he’s looking forward to future collaboration with his Slovene friend, the fast rising techno maniac Reaky.

Peter’s career is blooming pretty fast considering he’s on-scene only a couple of years. Before that he played at small local gigs and school parties.

During his first year of more serious dj-ing he played in clubs in Hungary, Ukraine and Slovenia. The following year Peppe began to get booked in other countries more often, including Czech Republic and Russian Federation. He played with artists like Stephane Signore, Wehbba, Dj Preach, Michal Poliak, Reaky, Ruslan Mays, Dj Jerry and many others.

This year he also played in some clubs around Hungary including M47, Juliacentrl, K2, Hell Pub, Blackman. He’s very satisfied with the gigs he had in M47, because it’s the best known techno club in Hungary where a lot of international superstars often show up.

He has played with most of the best Hungarian Dj’s such as Schmidt, Zsros, Anton Vl, Dave, Kali, Slave, Deeroy.. The responses about his sets were always very good and he managed to impress the audience every single time. Peter got in touch with a Spanish emerging star Fer BR and they have quite an idea going on. The idea is to perform a live act with 2 laptops, controllers and effects, expecting the crowd to go absolutely wild.

Peppelino has got a lot of potential and in the following years he’s looking up to more and more success. The year 2009 is bringing him more gigs around the globe, more releases on labels as Patterns, Patterns Special, Yin Yang, Relatives, Emphatic, Gt Muzik, Kazoo records, Innova records, and eventually he hopes to start appearing on internationally known electronic music festivals.

It’s just a matter of time his energetic vibes start dominating the world…