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DJ Pepo was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1976. He developed a strong interest for music at a very early age. His music training began with guitar and accordion lesson. Not long after, the accordion and the guitar were replaced by the home turntable which he found much more appealing.

He started playng at the age of 16 at local clubs and bars attempting to make a career out of his hobby. After gaining experience as a DJ, along with his friends DJ Pacho and DJ Erik, they create Ellectrica ( Under that name, they organize parties that were devoted to the culture of house music, which was not very popular in Bulgaria at the time.

Ellectrica becomes the reason why many DJs start visiting Bulgaria such as : DJ Ruby /Malta, DJ Timster /Amsterdam, dr Kucho/Spain, Joeski/NY, Silicone Soul/UK, Tylor Stadius/Canada, Asad Rizvi/UK, Onionz /NY, Nathan Coles / UK, Richard Gray /UK, Paul Jay/Amsterdam, Marco Bonaffini/Belgium, David Amo & Julio Navas/Barcelona, Spain, DjaneCarlijn/Amsterdam, Juan Diaz & Sergio Serano/ Ibiza Eddie Richards/UK, DJ Boss / Praha, Paul Jay / Amsterdam, Allan Alert /Ibiza, Richard Gray / UK, DJ Loutka /Praha, MarcoBonnafini /Belgium, DJ Macit /Istanbul, DJane Carlijn /Amsterdam, Chris Spiking / London, Harry & Jane / UK, Jean Cedric /Paris, DJane Shiva /Amsterdam, Andrew Kilzer & FrankieTiago /UK, DJ Diesel /Moscow, Clare Large/UK…

DJ Pepo becomes the pioneer of house music in Bulgaria and is later invited to mix music at many clubs in the country.

In 2000, he immigrates to Czech Republic, where he has played. After one year passes DJ Pepo returns to Bulgaria to continue the development of Ellectrica and house music culture in his country.

DJ Pepo along with DJ Pacho B created an agency for DJs and artists, E – Booking ( The agency consists of some of the best and most famous DJs in Bulgaria. E-booking organizes events and invites DJs such as: Eric Entrena/Spain, Nick&Dany Chatelain/Spain, Dario Nunez/Spain,DJ Chus/Spain, Tarkan/Turkey, David Amo & Julio Navas/Spain, Tony Thomas / Uk and many more…

In the year 2005, DJ Pepo and DJ Pacho B founded the party “Pacho B, Pepo & Friends”, which helps them to receive residences in some of the best clubs in Bulgaria – Club Chervilo (Sofia) and Club Plazma (Plovdiv). In the summer of 2006 DJ Pepo receives the opportunity to be a resident in Club Mania in Sunny Beach, which is one of the most popular places where DJs get a chance to demonstrate their mixing skills. DJ Pepo’s ability to choose and mix music makes him one of the most desired DJs. He is one of the only DJs that mixes music in many other countries other than his own including Czech Republic, Spain, England, Ibiza, Canary Islands and Macedonia.

DJ Pepo’s most recent passion is the new studio for Ellectrica, where he spends most of his time. His latest achievement is the creation of “Ellectrica Recordings”, which he did along with his friend and colleague, DJ Pacho B. The conception of “Ellectrica Recordings” is to skillfully combine progressive, tech, electro, minimal sound to create a high quality underground sound, which is distinctive for the set’s of DJ Pepo.