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Chicago, United States


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Dj Penske grew up on the southwest side of Chicago. He first got into music at the age of 7, when he started listening to Guns N’ Roses. About a year later he then discovered a radio station that allowed Dj’s to mix for a half hour at a time late at night called B96. A local Dj named “Bad Boy Bill” caught his attention. That Dj became his favorite and reason for listening to the station. That same Dj played a song by Holy Noise called “Get Down Everybody”. That was the song that got Penske into a genre called Techno. Ever since Penske heard that song, he has had a passion for music. He started recording on tapes from the station and always talked about how he would change the order of the songs to his liking and how he would remix it. Penske was 15 when he first touched the turntables and amazed the people around him. Penske played in front of a crowd of people for 3 hours straight. The crowd went wild. Everybody thought he was a veteran, later to realize, that was the first time he ever played a record. Penske learned to mix records by studying the styles of the Dj’s on the radio remembering where they mixed the songs and where the songs had a break. He also watched and studied as his friends practiced in their attic and the parties they played at. While everybody was having fun and dancing, he was with the Dj’s watching them in amazement. After a short time of that Penske became the reason that everybody was dancing. A few years later Penske got together with a group of guys that were part of a production called Fantasy Productions. He didn’t play with them, he just sat back and watched them play at every party. He soon had a chance to play when a Dj couldn’t make the gig, so Penske offered his services. He played for 4 hours, and left the crowd begging for more. He was then invited to join the group and play at every party. Penske has since played at places like “Bada-Bings” with headliners such as “Julian Jumping Perez” also “One More Shot” and “The Euro Cafe” with resident Dj Terry R. He has also played on a radio show called the Street Beat on a local radio station based in Chicago numerous times. Since then in July of ‘08 Penske was named one of the Tuesday Night Residents at Cafe Duvall in Chicago, but just recently, in December of ’08 Penske was named one of the new Monday Night Residents at The Martini Ranch in Chicago. Shortly after, Penske went on to become a resident Dj on lowerlevelradio’s Groove Theory wich is an internet radio station, and has also made appearances on, and The PB&J Show (also internet radio stations). Penske has also made guest appearances at Orions in Chicago and The World Famous Energy Thursdays Nite Dance Club. Soon after, Penske has played in numerous venues in Milwaukee,Wis such as Vanity Ultra Lounge and Meze Lounge, plus many more. Meanwhile back in Chicago,IL Penske became a resident Dj at Brudders Sports Lounge and also Hogs and Honeys. After years of hard work and passion for the art, Penske is now on the verge of of taking off and getting the recognition that he’s deserved for years with mixing, producing, and remixing. With that he is now a triple threat and a force to be reckoned with for years to come.