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Opposites Attract

Oh yeah, here we go. Could it be another one of those „these guys started DJing here, listened to that music then and preferred to work with analog gear in the studio ‚cause that produces a warmer sound anyway…“ stories? Boring! So instead we‘ll tell you something more about Nils Penner and John Muder. They say opposites attract, and this story is a testament to that.

As you can see in the press pics, what we have here is one skinny guy with a full head of hair who constantly has problems keeping his 28“ denim on his hips, while the other needs a 36“ pair of jeans and is totally fine with his steadily increasing baldness. But that‘s just from the outside. They come from Bremen and Hamburg, German cities that have been rivals since the beginning of time. Now they live in Berlin and Munich, also not the easiest combination. One of them sees his roots in West Coast R‘n‘B the other is a true school East Coaster. Of course when it comes to football they cheer for SV Werder Bremen and the Hamburger SV which relate like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, if you don‘t know them. We could go on and on…

So it looks like all of these differences music-wise seem to produce exactly the right amount of tension and harmony to create their unique sound which could be described as something off the beaten path of deep house, laced with heavy grooves and basslines, and even the occasional trance pad or two.

Whether you believe it‘s fate or coincidence, something brought these guys together for one week inside a studio in East Berlin during the Summer of 2007. Living there 24/7 (don‘t worry, the studio had a shower) they came out exhausted but happy holding their first 4-track demo CD in their hands. Although they were honestly not sure what they had come up with, they sent the result out and Moodmusic head honcho Klas „Sasse“ Lindblad was the first to pick it up.

Moodmusic released the first single, „Are You Lost,“ in October of 2008, but one month before the release Penner+Muder played their first ever public live set at the legendary Panorama Bar in Berlin. What a kickoff!

Always focusing more on quality than quantity, while living in separate cities with only a few hours of shared studio time each month, the guys are building slowly. They only released one more single before dropping their first album, „Same Monkeys Different Zoo,“ on Moodmusic in June of 2010. Enough of that for now. Check their discography for all that followed.

At this point (June 2011), Nils and John are really looking forward to enter their new studio in Berlin and prepare their „back with a bang“ situation for 2012

while touring throughout Europe with their live set.

Penner+Muder tracks have been charted e.g. by

the following artists:

Crookers, Cassius, Jimpster, DJ T., Oliver Huntemann, M.A.N.D.Y., Thomas Schumacher, Martin Landsky, Trickski, Kolombo, SIS,

Chopstick & Johnjon, Luna City Express, Rainer Trüby …