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Peetu S, is a producer and DJ from Finland. He started spinning records before 21st century at a small local club in his hometown. He was with arranging club nights there but continued dj’ing only for a while then.

In 2004 Peetu released his first record ‘gueverra’ with Alegria (also known as E-Craig), in Spinnin’ Records. Pretty soon after that he had a chance to give a treatment to ‘Hardcore Salsa’, one of the best selling 12" record in Germany of 2004.

After the first release Peetu had no other choice than come back to turntables and start spinning records again. He has always been influenced and inspired by electronic music and dj’ing is therefore the only natural thing for him to do.

He melts trance and techno together in well build sets by combining beautiful melodies, techy beats and hard sounds. One thing is for sure, there will be lots of energy and fresh sounds when Peetu S steps to behind the decks.