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Pedro Rodrigues

Braga, Portugal

Electro House, Progressive House

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From the land of magic house i grow alone throw the Vibe until the Show. The pad evolution appearing to be the next stage of Producer and Vj. On “Live” i begin to interact whit. The lab Pacha (Kore). Pro-tools grow until the song band. My first video apears to begin whit a evolution, 1º Contact on Adobe Premiere on the First song as “No Way Home”. The ideas came throw Carl Cox, Gui Boratto, Aphex Twin, Guy G, Richie Hawtin until Guy Gerber & Antony Collins and Magda and Anja Schneider in a creativity of a different kind of new part of being (“new style”). The Techno grows apart from many others artists from the style to style, thar should born apart (…) From many, “others streets” the learning to make new Live Tracks as new kind of Music of a “last day” on a Original : “DrawPhala” until “Oprio” form´.