Pedro Gil Beatport


The first steps in the music were facts by the age of 8 when heard his father mixing the 12 inches of “New Order” and “Kraftwerk”, among others. It all began in 1990 with the first nocturnal exits accompanied by his older brother to some of the best clubs of Lisbon in that time, the “Loucuras” and the “Crazy Nights”. It is also in that year that Pedro begins the organization of the parties in his school and others in garages, and feels for the first times the wonderful sensation of being inside the Dj booth mixing music for the others to dance. In 1991 it convinces his parents to buy him the first pair of decks (the oldest Technics SL-BD22) and a mixer. This was the beginning of the long sessions of learning and technical improvement in his room. It is still in this year that arises the first opportunity of residence in a small club in “Queluz”, the “U.S.A” and from that moment on the opportunities were arising through the several invitations for gigs in clubs in the zone of “Sintra” (Lisbon outskirts).

In 1992 he “discovers” the mythic “Alcara-Mar”, that continues to be considered be him as the club with the best feeling over the World, and “Kremlin” where he spend hours next to the Dj’s booth, watching Dj’s like “Tó reira” a.k.a “Dj Vibe”, “Luis Leite” and “Miguel Mancha”.

It was now the time to buy his first pair of “Technics SL-1200” and his life would never be the same :)

All the free time was now spent in his room, transformed into studio, trying to optimize the beat mixing and mixture technique.

In the end of 1997, and after several residences and gigs in several parties of north to south of Portugal, Pedro turns out professional and dedicates himself exclusively to the Djing.

In 1999 initiates himself in the music production with basic software as “Dance-EJay”, “Rebirth” or “MixMan”. All that he knows in this matter were the early steps given with his “Commodore Amiga 500” in the late 80’s.

Still in 1999 arose his first track and that curiously wasn’t an original one. "I selected a non-edited track of a big friend of “DPeterJ”. The “Newage” had a powerful bassline and a great melody, but every time he heard it, he felt that it should be able to give it another touch, and so he began to work on the track."

In 2001 and 2002 he produces respectively the originals “Indian Appeal” and “Bass Beats”, and in 2003 he finishes the remix of the track “Fly Into Sun” of Morc, an Israelian producer.

This was the year of professional audio learning and so Pedro decided to start a course of “Steinberg Cubase”, one of his production tools. “At this moment I am 100% dedicated to the release of my new remix which is in appreciation by some major labels.”

In terms of Djing, Pedro wants to continue to play around Portugal and from there the Disclosure of his work to National and International level during the next year. That is going to be by the way the big goal for 2005!!! — Andreia Parrinha (November 2004)