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Pedro Cazanova

Lisbon, Portugal


Exklusive, Kaos Records, Kontor Records
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Pedro Cazanova is the portuguese dj/producer that more can be proud of the recognition obtained in all continents. He plays frequently in Brazil, Angola, Spain, Mozambique, Lebanon, Romania, China, etc, and during his sets he goes to all type of sounds of house music.

In 2003, and still taking his first steps in music production, signs the anthem of Lisbon Parade entitled “The Portuguese Guitar”. In the last 2 years, his creative streak remained quite active, as evidenced by the tracks “My First Luv”, “My Body & Soul,” “Go Where The Love Is,” the compilation "Colors “with the also originals” Troubles “and” When it rains "feat. Kellie Allen, and “You and I” feat Abigail Bailey.

But the year of 2009 deserves special mention: Pedro Cazanova produces a track that would be the most successful ever until now, in the portuguese electronic dance scene: “Selfish Love” feat Andrea, reaching an overwhelming success, both in Portugal and, particularly, abroad.

For the first time, a portuguese dj/producer razed the tables sales and airplay the way Pedro Cazanova did:

- in Portugal remained at the top for one year

- reached #1 in numerous countries, such as Romania, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Lebanon, Albania, Poland, Mexico, Russia, etc

- reached Top10 in several countries from all continentes

- had international licensing applications to more than 24 territories around the world

- and the track continues to be on YouTube preferences globally, reaching, now, through all versions, the astonishing number of more than 11.000.000 (eleven million) views.

Keeping this mega success as a foundation, Pedro Cazanova prepares to once again, spray the charts. Has finished the new track "I am free” feat. Luke Derrick, that went to Top10 already, having more 6 new originals.

Stay tuned!