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Pedro Bucarelli

Lyon, France

Minimal, Techno

Aenaria Music, Anngel Laboratory Records, Bambu Records
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1986: Born somewhere in France.

In year 90: Takes piano lessons and learns music.

99/00: Discovers techno music

2002: Fall into underground music and culture with fat tracks like Dave Clarke, Alexander Kowalski, Chris Liebing, Goodlife Rec productions, etc?

2004: Influenced by Richie Hawtin, record label M_nus, and a lot of other minimal artists.

2005: Starts his djing career with Substance Eclectik crew and starts his residency in the most underground club in Lyon: The DV1.

2006: Residency in DV1, plays on huge events like Nuits Sonores, Cadenza (@ Transbordeur), with Jori Hulkonnen, Oxia, Robert Babicz, Alexander Kowalski, Herv AK, Anja Schneider and load more?

Releases his first digital EP during October, ?Alternative Answer EP? on CH-based record label ?Helvet Underground?.

2007: In january, his second digital release called ?To Destroy The Mind EP? is out. Lot of gigs in Lyon, Switzerland (Geneva) and South of France (@ Villa Rouge – Montpellier).

Makes remixes for Cristian Paduraru on Christian Rec, Christian Quast on Modulator, and more to come..

Creates with Diva a duet called ?Green Digital? which works with record labels like Amazone Audio, Zoo Rec, Acid Milk Rec, ?

Creates with Randy Brusseto a duet called “Bucarelli & Brusseto” which will see his first track compiled on Soulheat and will be out on “Another Vision”.

Prepares news EPs on Zoo Recordings, 32 BR and Mezzotinto (first vinyl EP out in january 2008) with remixes by Marko Nastic, Misc, Kane Roth, Bern, Yannis Becker & Diva.