Top 50k on The DJ List

Pedri Rodrigues

Lisboa, Portugal

House, Techno


From “Reticencias” until Enperhaps you can have fun whit ten djs: Marc Carolla until Richie Hawtin From the house of Livre House+Techno From Cyrus.

From lovely place of living untl the place of House Music.

Real Stuff from no where until no more. From Magic House In the land of dreams we full fill the web whit magic songs from where until no where just love can bring back the singing it back.

Marbulose story of the last affair of the technology surrender all the human forms of need of a response of a society full of mixes and to many lovely story’s of all mankind to be free.

“He Hope one day we hill rise up and stand up because we are free 8 to be.”

“Nine 2 Do”

Of a free way of meaning.

Love Music 2.

Supreme Marbulose House Affair.

Love to.