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…make some Noise…

That is truly thinking which marks Peat’s style since he started presenting music to the people. In the 90’s house made a huge impact in him but his first movements to the electronic music scene launched after the MIllenium. In the year 2000 he’s got his first residencies at the country side, where his gigs started to grow and moved him all accross the country. Near this he also find the way to play in abroad for a couple of times.

When he was 25 he became the main resident of a party series called Dunlop Events, and that’s were he debuted first time as Peat Noise.

On these nights he played with many well-known djs such as Felipe aka Philipp Straub, Collins & Behnam, Lank, Mannel.

In 2008 Peat thought he try to express himself by creating his own style based on sounds in his head and heart, borned by his minds and feelings.

In the beginning of 2009 he had his first publications at Diventa Music (GER) and at Eye Records (ITA). Thanks to Marcus Zelonka (Diventa Music’s Label Manager) and Claudio Ridolfi (Eye Records Label Manager), Peat got the push he needed for continuing.

From that time he has created his own “noises” in a dark, strong minimal and techno style continously collaborated with such labels as Mystika, Binary404, Speca, Dogma, No-Logik, Bulldozer, DejaVù, Diventa Music, Dbeatzion, Paria, Fairlads Digital, Eye, Swordtail, Funky Intelligence Releases, Anonima Recordings, Drops, Sonar, Sisma, Nuketraxx, Stain, Tight Lipped.

Also in 2009 thanks to Marco Bismark (Mystika Records Label Manager), Peat Noise had a guest mix in Radio Italia Network, and he had many other guest mixes world wide for example in Frisky, Danceradio, Justmusic, etc.

In the last year he started his own event called Drastic Night with the aim of presenting this “new” kind of techno and minimal he represents. In the end of 2009 he had the possibility to play two times with his friend who is one of his favourite producers, Alex Di Stefano (Italy – Binary404 Label Manager)

Four of his tracks were released also in 4 CDA compilations pressed by Mystika Records (ITA) together with Dyno, Dandi & Ugo, Tomy DeClerque, Bismark, Daniele Petronelli, Andrea Di Rocco, Alfonso Forte, Andrea Roma, Dub Makers, Alberto Fracasso and many other talents.

In 2010 for first time since Peat producing two of his tracks released by Mystika Records (ITA) landed in Beatport Minimal Top100.

From this time he has got more and more remix requests from such artists as AnGy KoRe, Anthony Castaldo, Alfonso Forte, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Swallen, Ketto, Lowboys, Darpa, Lampenfieber, Damolh33, BiohazArt, etc.

And the beat goes on…