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Born in Izmir, Turkey to a musical family, Peaceful Mind indulged his passion for music from a young age. In the early days, Peaceful Mind thought it was wise to have something extra in case the dj’ing didn’t work out. So he studied for a Local Administration degree in Dokuz Eylül University. It took him four years to graduate, but his determination made him succeed!.

Peaceful Mind is a dedicated progressive lover, but isn’t imprisoned by a single genre, saying “What makes progressive work so well is that it doesn’t stick to one style, and can incorporate electro, minimal, whatever it likes.” Although has clearly reached a celebrity status, it¹s his generous personality, his love for his peers and of course his completely candid humour that has enabled him to maintain such a likeable high profile in the often-fickle world of club culture.

The main ingredient to Peaceful Mind’s life will always be music.It’s about a way of living. Music is essential to my life”.

His rise to fame included lots of productions and remixes, as well as playing out to packed clubs every weekend.

For Peaceful Mind, music is his first love, and what gives him a buzz is being able to share his music with others. From his presence at those all too talked about after hour parties where his special sets are heard, to his signature always present child like antics that leave people wondering if he has modelled his life all lined with the backdrop of his own productions, Peaceful Mind leaves trails of memories, melodies and stories wherever he goes. These are the things that have been, and will continue to be remembered and passed on for years. And that is what legends are made of.