Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Vietnam
Genre: House, Techno


Language: English

Pe Dro is a mad music lover. Started to play seventeen years ago in bars of his hometown. In mid nineties was hardly influenced by the first releases of breakbeat, then jumped directly into early Detroit techno and electro.

In 2000 decided to move to Barcelona to become sound engineer, following his passion for the music and the technology. Worked for film, TV, theater, fashion, live music shows and also in his own recording studio, always with music as background. Later on, as a part of an event promoter group, they rocked the underground scene with hippest parties. As succeeding, they had the chance to work with the biggest venues and events in the city. Has been playing in main venues of Spain beside international dj’s and local talents also.

After twelve years, he decided to tour through Asia looking for new challenges. In his first year has been performing on top venues in Vietnam beside international dj’s, becoming a well known dj in Saigon for its explosive sets, combining his techno past influences with the deepest and emotive sounds from the present.

His constant growth enables him to bring his music to a wide range of audiences. Recently he did one more step in his technique evolution becoming the first DJ in Vietnam, and one of the few in the world, to use the exclusive “Smithson & Martin Emulator”, a combination of MIDI software and touch screen hardware, that shocks the people for its vanguard look and its limitless possibilities.

Actually he also has returned to the music production field and after a remix for a european label he’s preparing an EP for the second half of the 2013.



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Pe Dro