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Pavel Skinner is DJ with fifteen years of experience and vast experience of performing at various venues and in front of diverse audiences: from private parties to big raves.

He began his career at a very young age in the mid-nineties, it now he still remains an artist with fine feeling of musical trends, seeing the future of the industry, representing in their sets only relevant, fresh material, expertly compiled and artistically served to the public, a DJ with a high energetic, confidently managing a dancefloors.

Music played by Pavel Skinner – a broad canvas on which, depending on the time, place and audience, can manifest the widest palette: from deep and tech house to progressive and techno, and long experience of using Ableton Live! in his sets allows him to create out of this powerful and solid alloy, which will leave no one indifferent.

In 2011 Paul made his debut as a producer – his first solo work “Arch and arrow” was signed in one of the bastions of world progressive-scene – Baroque Records (out 25th July), track called “Madeira”, written by him together with Artem Newman aka Dirty Prophet, is out on Baroque in September and another works is on the approach: follow him on and