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Pavel Dovgal


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Pavel Dovgal was born in Vladivostok in summer of 1986. He moved to Ukraine at young age having proved to his parents by then that his calling was music. His first instrument was guitar, he had strong desire to learn music theory. Young man spent many evenings in school yard listening to local band. His parents had last word though, and the rest of his school years he spent in Harkov. This town presented him with new opportunities. Here he met with a young man who had become not only his best friend but also his soul mate who shared his thoughts and dreams about music. A lot has happened – hip-hop, punk, metal. After a while Pavel felt he had to move to bigger and better things. That’s when he started getting into jazz, soul, blues, classical music. He was particularly drawn to new wave of electronic music and made first attempts to create his own, original music with his talent.

In 2008 Pavel Dovgal got seriously involved in electronic music. Idm and other styles. Search and progress. This resulted in something unique, worth spending so much time and effort. A mix of hip-hop and various musical instruments and sounds. Unusual tonality, disharmony. Why not? Such music is an experiment, surprise, daring.

Pavel Dovgal’s talent and hard work have brought him musical success. He had performances in almost all clubs of Harkov. In July of this year he has signed with Berlin label Project Mooncircle which will release LP – Cassiopeia.

Having achieved such success, Pavel realized that he is a maximalist, demanding first and foremost of himself, his creative talent. His work is free spirited. There are hints of feelings, allusions, enigma, mystery. Superb sound. Complete improvisation. Ideal coherence. We won’t get into the inner workings of his music, how it finds its way into the hearts and souls of the audience. Important thing is that it serves its purpose. That is the philosophy of an outstanding musician Pavel Dovgal.