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Paulo Hoffman

Góis, Portugal

Progressive House, Psy-Trance

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Paulo a.k.a. Hoffman , born in Lisbon-Portugal in 1966. Started in the electronic music in 1995, first on Techno and Acid Techno Dj’ing, by the hand of Raveman Record’s, (Germany/Portugal). In 1997 started to listen to Trance Music…since then have become addicted… In the begining of 2001 collaborated on his first Portuguese Trance event, with Magma Productions. Late on that year, have collaborate on his first “big” event, a party for 4000 people with the Ayauashka Creations crew, along with Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Suria, Psysex and some other’s, then during 2002 he was with the same crew on other Full-On big event’s with, Xenomorph, Manitu, Crazy Lions Cult, etc. At the same year he was in Greece for the SolaLuna Festival his first international festival experience, and he had love it, so much that he return on the next year for the “mithical” Samotraki dance Festival in 2002. His music style it’s variated and his session’s can go from Progressive to Psy Full-On, having a special taste for melodic and groovy beat’s, he also love to make a nice Psy chill-out session…or to play some nice Electro style music. As a DJ he like all kind of good psychedelic music… In late 2002 he whent to live in Barcelona/Spain, where he start to cooperate with some local crew’s like, Cosmictrance, Sindar, Muskaria and Trikomadélik… In 2003 he was a part of the Sunrite Festival 2003, the first “big” Spain international Festival, with: Raja Ram, Skazy, C.P.U., XP Voodo, Paul Taylor, etc. In 2004 he collaborate on the Omni Festival project, planing and working on the technical and infrastructure part of the 2004 and 2005 editions… On April of the same year he was in Portugal, playing with C.P.U., The Muses Rapt, Toxic, D-Maniacs among other’s on a Astrologic Production’s party… After the Boom festival 2004 he was also present on the Transit Festival, in Benicasim – Spain In 2005 was also a presence on the 1st edition of the Freaky Dragon’s Festival on the south of France, and on that year edition of the Omni Festival at Aragon province in Spain… On late 2005, he become a Label DJ for Virustekk Record’s… For 2006, among the invitation’s for “small” local party’s and project’s, he was present on the Freaky Dragon’s Festival 2006 edition this time in Spain on the fantastic desert landscape of Aragon. In August 2007 he was present on the biggest Trance event in Holland, the Uzumaki II at Gröningen area, held on a beauty full venue surrounded by a lake at the green landscape of northern Nederlands. He was also present on the New Year Freaks Blast, in Portugal, made by one of the Portuguese biggest team, TanceKarma and the French team World People, this festival is one of the best south European winter events and have counted with 3000 people on his 3rd edition. During 2008 he played in France, on the Dragons Party in Bugarach / Midi Jour-Pirinés on the South of France, and latter, in July in the World People festival, the Space Pirates Revolution, at the beauty full region of Bugarach at the Pirinés. In August 2008 he have return to is country, Portugal. In the actual year he have played at several party’s, including some events of Crystal Matrix on the Ambient area and at the dance-floor of Digital Root’s massive April party with SUN Project, Shift, Neuromotor, Anelli, Zen Mechanics and many other great artists… Open to any interesting project he is always ready for cooperate with all World wide party and festivals organiser’s for any event. So i’m waiting for your invitations, and i will be happy to play on your event. On this “review” is not counted the numberless smaller party’s and other electronic music events that he had played and collaborate in Spain, France, Portugal…and all the World!!!!! __________________________________________________ — “Without music life is meaningless”…!!! (Nietzsche)