Paulo Der Munoz

Pereira, Colombia



Paulo Der Munoz was born in Pereira , Colombia in March 2nd of 1978.

Graduated from highschool in 1996, and started doing music production in 2000, although it wasn’t until 2004 when he started producing in a serious basis.

Paulo Der Munoz has worked under several aliases such as Tyrant EX , Der Mystik , Quintana and the name he uses for Djing.

His first track signing occurred in 2005 year when he remixed Greenwave’s Mystic Flower for Monoceros Records.

In the meantime he started doing sets for internet stations such as , , and

Paulo Der Munoz is a Dj , who resides in California , USA, but spent four years of his life in Long Island , New York where he met some of his best friends who taught him about music production, and inspired him to initiate a Dj career, Paulo Der Munoz considers music production as his main passion though.

In the end of 2005 year, Paulo Der Munoz gets three original works signed to Moonrising Records, (Zahiri , Oriental Shades and El Cartel [this last a collaboration track with Mark Ottiz]) one of them was released on March 28th of 2006, making it his first record release in his career.

Then in the first quarter of 2006, he signs two more compositions (Romance & Bohemia) to Istmo Music, a record label that supports the spanish talent across the globe.

In the second half of 2006 , two more tracks “Ancient Solitude” and “Technological Sky” are signed to Neuroscience Records.

Paulo Der Munoz has also remixed for Atmosphoria Records , MPFS Records and Monoceros Records.