Paul Schulleri Beatport


Paul Schulleri lives in the heart of music in Berlin, where “moving forward” is the password to access the challenging world of Electronica. Although, he started to play the piano at the age of six, Paul has always been attracted by modern technology and deeply fascinated by everything related to technological development and science. His foundation with piano was followed by a vivid interest in Jazz music. Through music improvisation, his journey into Jazz became the pinnacle of unpredictability and sound experience.

In the 90’s Paul discovered electronic music and his expedition toward a new musical universe began. Seeing technology as the future and embracing the past through the eyes of the present, he finally found the key to put together his passion for music with his profound interest for technological innovation. Inspired to create his own sound, he took his first steps to produce electronic music with a very basic set-up, consisting of an Atari computer and a mono synthesizer. Tens of tracks later, after experimenting with beats from Trip-Hop to Drum and Bass, tunes began to come to life leading him to write and perform for his local theater. This gave him the chance to build up a strong reputation around his peers as an innovative music creator.

Moving to Berlin to study sound engineering exposed him to the surreal world of Minimal music. Deeply influenced by this captivating genre, Paul began to produce a variety of Ambient and Minimal tracks in his small recording studio and laboratory. He set up some side projects and produced a series of tracks and remixes, to explore even deeper the multi-layered aspect of Minimal Techno. Since 2009 he is a part of the “Spreekader” community, organizing well known partys like “Tanz oder gar nicht!” in Berlin.

The last five years have seen Paul increasingly more involved in his career, performing live in several clubs, festivals and events like Tresor (Berlin), M.I.K.Z (Berlin), RAW Tempel (Berlin), Morlox (Berlin), Aqua (Berlin), PHB (Berlin), Villa (Berlin), Primary Colours Festival (Berlin), KPax (Berlin), Relais Club (Berlin), Tape Club (Berlin), Suite15 (Regensburg) and Klanghaus (Erlangen) to name a few and producing several tracks and remixes released on on record labels like Flat Belly, Starlight, Subtrak, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Big Mamas House, Butane, Pilbus, Cold Busted, Underphunk, Purple Edge, Nervine Records and Recode Musik.


Paul Schulleri – Charlies Symphony (Orignal Mix)

Paul Schulleri & Eiblonski – Zimtzicke (Original Mix)

Fely B – Balkaninka (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Paul Schulleri – Hunger (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri & Eiblonski – Papalapapp (Original Mix)

Larry Baaaam! _ Discuss With Satan (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Jeff Keenan – Truffle Shuffle (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Greg Slaiher – True Form (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Fely B – Pani C’a Meusa (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Greg Slaiher – Mademoiselle Schambourg (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Paul Schulleri – Zwei Jahre (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Tinnef (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Sprenkel (Original Mix)

East Sunrise – Pink Dragon (Paul Schulleri Remix)

UNL – Back To Life (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Paul Schulleri – Koenig Vom Affenland (Original Mix)

Pierre Deutschmann – Drop Some Kid (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Paul Schulleri – Solide (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Solide (Reduced Mix)

Paul Schulleri – No Time To Sleep (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Like A Man (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Twinkle (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Stelldichein (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Voltaic (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Vegetarian (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Yellow Jacanas (Original Mix)

Christian Gimbel – Polysense (Paul Schulleri Remix)

Mink – Black Magis (Paul Schulleri Remix

Paul Schulleri – Held Ohne Krise (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Green Broadbill (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Kosmothek (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Cruel (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Sleepless In The Sun (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Stickmata (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Mondschein Baby (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Ohrenschmaus (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Spade (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Sakral (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Sirene (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Things Going On (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Tiefdruck (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Catpeople (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Disorder (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Rain (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Blue Cuckoo (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Induktion (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Painted Space (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Play (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Solskin (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Division (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Osem (Original Mix)

Paul Schulleri – Cannibalized (Original Mix)

Matt Heize – July (Paul Schulleri Remix 2)

Matt Heize – July (Paul Schulleri Remix 1)