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Paul Nazca, the founder of Scandium Records, made his first steps with two old and dusty turntables in 1993.

Thanks to a friend, he discovered his passion for mixing, locking himself inside his home until he made his club debut. After 3 years of mixing, Paul felt the need to produce his own music and created a home studio with a wide variety of vintage synths, beat boxes and other old/new gear.

By 1999, Paul felt three years of producing songs was enough to make something serious of his music. He began to find some musical contacts and connections. In 2000 he met André (Ultracolor) and together they started Scandium Records.

The time had come; Paul was ready to involve himself in a serious project allowing him to promote his music. He produced “Mouvement” the second EP from Scandium Records.

In 2001, Paul produced 3 EPs (Scandium 06, A-traction 03, Turtle Trax 16), continually dedicating himself to production which naturally gave him the opportunities to play more and more important club nights.

Today, Paul works intensely only on his musical production and landing a first maxi on Spiel Zeug Schallplatten as well as an EP on Xyrys Records, Scandium 08 and many more projects to come! Very motivated by the succession of events and positive feedback, Paul now works on his debut album, planned for December 2002.