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Paul Lyman’s DJ career kick started back in 1992 at the pre club bar Bellemys for the infamous night Venus where DJ Alistair Whitehead was resident. The move from bars to clubs to came very quickly for Paul as he worked hard to get noticed. The House (one of the biggest club nights in the midlands at the time) came to Bellemys for their famous Sunday ‘after parties’ and this was where Paul got to show them what he was made of.

It was there that Ian Willis the promoter to The House spotted Paul and offered him a residency there and then. It was only a short period of time during Paul’s residency that he secured a good following and things took off from there.

Paul was playing up and down the country at places like Casa Loco (Leeds), The Drome (chesterfield), The Arches (Sheffield) and guested out in Greece (Malia) at a place called The Garage. He played there Monday to Friday and flew back to England each weekend to play his two residencies, one at The House (Nottingham) and one at Venue 44 (Mansfield) home of Hot to Trot and the massive Renaissance.

Things went from strength to strength as Paul was offered a residency in Tenerife with Casa Loco at their new night ‘The Candy Club’. While playing over there he was spotted by numerous promoters and guested at all of the well-known nights such as The Ministry of Sound, Miss Moneypennys and Clockwork Orange.

After three months Paul headed back to England as the season had ended. It was then when he got a residency at Hot Dog in Nottingham and quickly became recognized, he entered a Gatecrasher competition and won all three heats to secure himself a slot in the main room.

While being a resident for Hot Dog Paul’s DJ career really kicked off as he played at all of the big named nights such as Fuel (Birmingham), Miss Moneypennys (Birmingham), Slinky (Leicester), Bubble love (midlands) and Po Na Na (midlands).

Paul has warmed up and taken over from all of the top DJ’s ranging from JUDGE JULES, AL MACKENZIE, JOHN KELLY, ROB TISSERA, TONY WALKER, LISA LASHES, JFK, BRANDON BLOCK and IAN OSSIA to name but a few.

As if this is not enough Paul has also Dj’ed alongside Jon Carter and Yousef on the Smirnoff tours and at The Clothes Show (Birmingham) for the past two years with Miss Moneypennys.

Paul is a very determined individual and has a very big passion for house music, as you can see from the range of different nights he play’s he is capable of varying his set’s from Funky Vocal House right through to something much more tough and pumping.

He is one of only a few DJ’s around who can play an intelligent warm up set as well as a blinding main set, always guarantying to take you on that all important journey.

At present Paul’s DJ career is at a high standard as he is Guesting all over the country at the following nights:

Blend / Derby Resident Girls Play Harder Than Boys / London

Slinky / Leicester Clear Varnish / Nottingham

Slinky / Derby Resident Smirnoff Tours / Leicester & Birmingham

The Ministry Of Sound / London 2Risque / Manchester

Miss Moneypennys / Leicester Resident The Clothes Show / Birmingham

Miss Moneypenny / Birmingham Cheeky / Leicester

Fuel / Birmingham One Love / Mansfield

Miss Moneypennys / Ibiza The Republic / Sheffield

Blend / Boat Party’s Indulge / Wisbeach

The Garage / Greece One Love / Boat Party’s

The Candy Club / Tenerife Resident Glamour puss / Leeds

Love To Be / Leeds Hot Dog / Resident

Lovezoo / Nottingham Flaunt / Edinbrough

Bubblelove / Midlands The Club / Newark

Revolution / Aberdeen

Revolution / Doncaster

Paul’s live mix has recently been on Galaxy FM Radio on Andi Durant’s Big Night In on Friday night, which was recorded live at Slinky and is also back on the air waves on 20th August 2004.